Behold, the quantum lawsuit in which both sides claim victory: Rimini St fails to bag $30m refund from Oracle

The quantum legal battle between Oracle and Rimini Street continues, with an appeals judge this month confirming that Rimini cannot recover the $ 28.5 million he was forced to pay to pay Oracle's lawyer bills. And yes, Rimini is still prohibited from scamming Oracle's intellectual property.

We say quantum because the case always seems to be in an overlap of Oracle and Rimini, both claiming victory simultaneously.

The case in question is that very long-standing Scandal about the theft of copyright by the business of software support business biz Rimini Street. In 2015, after a five-year fight in court, Rimini was ordered to pay Oracle damages for downloading and distributing Big Red support materials without proper permission. Since then, Rimini has been arguing to nullify that finding and cut the amount he has to pay, appealing the matter to the United States Supreme Court and vice versa.

In the Oracle corner, a spokesman told us about Monday, a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Friday that Rimini cannot claim the return of the $ 28.5 million he was ordered to pay to cover attorney's fees of the giant of the database of previous court hearings, despite Rimini's protests. According to Oracle, Rimini has delivered $ 90 million to the Silicon Valley Goliath to date as a result of the copyright debacle.

In addition, the appeals court upheld a permanent court order [PDF] issued by a lower court that ordered Rimini Street not to "reproduce, prepare derivative works or distribute [Oracle-owned] software or documentation from PeopleSoft, JD Edwards or Siebel "without permission, subject to other conditions, and simply never" reproduce, prepare derivative works or distribute Oracle Database Software. "

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"We are extremely pleased that the Ninth Circuit affirmed the permanent court order and the award of attorneys' fees," said Dorian Daley, executive vice president and general counsel of Oracle, in a canned statement . [19659002] "It is time for Rimini, a dishonest and serial offender, to cease his illegal conduct, respect Oracle's intellectual property rights and abide by the resolutions in this case."

The business founded by Larry-Ellison added that he was pleased that the appeals court rejected "Rimini's absurd claim that he had prevailed in a trial in which the jury found that Rimini infringed Oracle's copyright" .

Meanwhile, in the corner of Rimini on Monday, the support team was happy with the ruling last week. , and everything in general, more or less.

"Oracle lost 23 of 24 claims that originally dealt with Rimini Street in this case, and the jury found that Rimini Street committed an & # 39; innocent infraction & # 39; in the remaining claim." Rimini smiled in a statement.

He also reiterated that he stopped illegally sharing Oracle copyrighted materials long before a judge ordered him to stop: "Rimini Street had voluntarily stopped using the inherited processes that were infringing before the trial. of 2015 and before the district court issued a court order prohibiting the use of these inherited processes in 2018. "

Finally, he said that the latest ruling "defines how Rimini Street can provide support services for certain Oracle product lines." and said he was still reflecting on going back to court to get the lawyer's bill reimbursed. The fun never ends. ®

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