How to Become Pilot in BitLife 2021 Guide

Become a Pilot in BitLife is an important step to getting the Airline Captain role. If you want to achieve this Profession follow these simple steps to become a Pilot in BitLife. Here is an explanation of Pilot.

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How to Become a Pilot in BitLife

We are looking at how to become a pilot in BitLife! If you want to see the sky as your career path in the BitLife game, we’ve got exactly everything you need to do to achieve it in this guide. This is a very easy task, so it doesn’t have to be too complicated.

To Become a Pilot in BitLife you have to play smartly

To do your best to become a pilot, you need to start your life with a character with above-average intelligence and try to improve or maintain these smart stats to a higher level of 85+. I have a problem when I apply for college after graduating from school.

If your character doesn’t start with a good smart stat, it’s best to roll a new life again until you have it.

Keeping smart statistics

The best way to improve or maintain this statistic is to visit the library and study hard while in school.



Mind and Body

Study hard:


Elementary / Secondary

Study at university

In general, to be a BitLife pilot, you need to enter a medical school. The best option to choose when applying for college is biology or psychology for major subjects. Study hard every year and visit the library to stay smart.

After graduating from college, apply for medical school. At this point, you need to keep your smart stat high.

Pilot training

The next hurdle is finding a job for the pilot trainee. If you’re lucky, vacancies first arise and you must accept them as a medical qualification. If the pilot position is not immediately available, you can apply for medical work such as a surgeon for a year before trying the pilot position again. You will be lucky if the position becomes available.

If you choose the hard work option every year, you’ll get a promotion to go from Pilot Trainee to Co-Pilot and Co-Pilot to Pilot to advance to Airline Captain.

You can find other routes through the game to reach the airline captain role, but this will be the best way to get you there as surely as possible.

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