How to Become Famous in BitLife Guide 2021

Here is how can you Become Famous in BitLife in few Steps. Good looks, Zero start, Education, Carve your way to fame and fortune, Keep on fame, Social media and here is your Famous fame.

This guide is all about how to Become Famous in BitLife a celebrity guide with tips and tricks, on how to find a reputation that Bitizen is difficult to achieve. To get the fame ribbon, you can easily get through this post. We’re looking at how to become an Actor in Bitlife, or grow on social media.

About BitLife game

BitLife, is a digitally based single player cartoon video game for Android / iOS released by CandyWriter LLC in 2018. The game became popular, living the simulated digital life chosen by people.

BitLife official gameplay trailer

Many players in this game want to be famous for winning the “famous ribbon“, but it’s not easy to be famous because they spend years of fame and fortune and feel the value you want. Still, there are some tips on how to get famous in BitLife for spending a lot of time and brave souls.

Become a famous in BitLife game is not easy as much as you may think, but don’t worry about it. We are here to make that easy for you with just 8 steps, follow these steps given below to become a famous  in Bitlife game.

Become Famous in BitLife in just 8 Steps

1. Good looks

It is very important to be well suited to trying to be famous. So you can keep resetting your character until you get an 80% score in the appearance department. The more you look and become more famous throughout your life, the easier it will be to become famous. Later, you can choose plastic surgery or other procedures to help you look better. Here we are talking about a video game life simulator that is not real.

2. Zero start

As a child, especially if you have wealthy parents, you can go through the first steps and become famous. Ask your parents for money and sprinkle it for later use to become famous.

3. Education

The easiest profession to become famous is a career in the arts, such as becoming a singer, actor, director or model. You should choose not to go beyond high school, or choose education that is directly related to your profession, making wise choices in education.

4. Carve your way to fame and fortune

You won’t be famous for waking up one morning suddenly. If you want to know how to become famous in BitLife, you will have to learn to learn career choices that will lead you in that direction.

For example, to be a famous actor, you need to be a voice actor. Or start your singing career by starting as a background singer.

In addition, you need to hit the gym to help increase the look bar and fill the intelligence and health and happiness bars.

Post more than once a year to increase your fan base on social media. You can participate in plays, sing songs in church, or post other career-related activities when you are young. As you begin your career, post your audition or contest, acting or singing lessons or workshops, or other information.

Just like in real life, it can take years to become famous in BitLife, so keep working towards your goals. Do not forget to spend an exotic vacation to show your level of happiness and show that you are accumulating some wealth.

Now that you know the basics of how to become famous in BitLife, you are working towards your goal and having fun. Happy game!

5. Keep on fame

Ideally, after about 10 years of going to the actor’s path, he becomes the lead actor in the role of actor. When you do this, you become a movie star and you will see a new percentage bar called “Fame“. This, like any other stat, shows a percentage, and the activity based on joining reputation (new activity appears under this tab) along with social media posts will help increase the percentage.

Keep going to the gym during this time and keep your 100% appearance score. As you age, you will start to lose more percentages, so you need to do everything you can to increase it. This includes all salon and spa activities! You can’t book a photo shoot or talk show until you get a reputation of 50% or more.

Advertising is the easiest way and advertising makes you a lot of money. You should be a bit worried about how they receive, but hope you don’t get a low rating. At this time, you should write a book. If it goes well it will become your bestseller and greatly increase your reputation!

If you keep social media posts and take advantage of some popular activities, it won’t take long to maximize your reputation. Ads can receive a lot of salaries at this point and may appear on talk shows at this point. If you are going to the fame ribbon, I will note how much money you are trying to make. You don’t want to make too much cash and cancel it!

6. Social media

It looks random about how well you do on social media, but as you become famous, your followers will start to get quite high! After securing thousands of followers, continue to apply for verification. This will help to elevate your reputation!

7. Famous fame

The main factor in becoming famous will eventually be a career, but you’ll want to start with at least a pretty high character in the appearance department. Keep resetting your character until you can get an appearance percentage of at least 75-80%. If you are out of the infant stage, ask your parents for money. When you become a teenager, you need to save some.

Also, watching a movie or spending time with your parents can help you to stay healthy! When the Mind & Body activity begins, I go to the gym every year. This will help to improve your appearance. Keep meditating. Go to the gym and keep meditating and if you have more money go to Salon & Spa for a manicure. During this period, I want to start a social media account and start posting a few times a year.

In short you have to do 5 things that will help you to Become Famous in BitLife.

1. Mind activity

2. Body activity

3. Meditating

4. Salon

5. Spa

To do this, you need to send a message to someone about BitLife, but you can always send a message to yourself so as not to bother anyone. When you graduate from high school, you must have at least 90% appearance. There is no need for higher education, but rumors say that going to Community College will help you open some of the fame categories you are looking for.

Find a job that can become you famous:

Disc Jockey job

Voiceover Actor job

Puppeteer job

Some of the lower grade stuff will eventually promote you to higher ranks.

8. Maintain reputation

When you reach the height of fame you have to keep it. You have to keep posting some social media posts, appear on talk shows, advertise here, and keep them well. Keep visiting the gym, keep your body and mind connected, visit beauty salons and spas (choose the most expensive option), and keep different rates to enjoy your vacation.

As you get older, a plastic surgeon may need to maintain 100% appearance. Try a procedure that is not too invasive. Something like Botox is a good option!

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