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Battle Bricks: Brick Breaker is a new iOS and Android game in the well-established Brick Breaker/Breakout genre. You’ll engage in familiar gameplay in random levels with other players (playing the same level you’re playing). You can play with other players for free or for real money.

In general, you need to make in-app purchases to be able to spend money to fight other players and earn money. However, you can use the promo code to get free bonus cash that you can wager with other players with withdrawable money.

Read our list of promo codes, how to use them, and how to find more in Battle Bricks: Brick Breaker!

To use the code, you must first complete the tutorial, but once you are done you can use the code whenever you want. You can play the tutorial from start to finish or log in with the account you used previously. Whichever option you choose, you can jump right into the heart of the game.

Then go to the store area and press the button to enter the promo code, then enter or copy and paste the code. Either way, once you redeem the code, you can get a free reward.

The way promo codes work in this game is rather unique. Each player has a unique promo code, including you from the start. To find out what your promo code is, go to a store where you can invite other players, then tap the text message button.

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Then copy the 5 digit number from the URL and use it to spread the promo code. Each time someone else uses your promo code, you will get 10 bonus cash. You can also get $10 worth of bonus cash every time you use someone else’s code.

One place to check the code is on Facebook. Find a post about your game, then go to the comments section to redeem code posted by other players. You can also post your own code if you wish.

Use other social media platforms and find gossip about the game. Because where there is a discussion, the code is shared. As before, use the code you find and share your own.

Another good source for code is the Reviews section of the App Store download page. Players post their code as part of their review. Post game reviews and add your code so other players can see and use your code.

Here are the codes to get free bonus cash.


Also check out the comments section of this article. Because players comment with their code and you should do the same!

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