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Baldurs Gate 2 game it’s hard to imagine what you can ask for more in the sequel. BioWare originally brought Baldur ‘s Gate and expanded and improved almost every aspect of the game.

It would be a waste of time to list every individual improvement because the list could be too long. It is similar to Daggerfall in a tremendous amount of games.

Baldurs gate 2 Review

You can expect a 50-hour role-playing game play even if you have a party that continues to burn to the end. If you really want to experience everything, you have to spend more than 200 hours. The plot moves to the right where the first game stopped and plays without playing the original story.

At the end of Baldur ‘s Gate (did not you do it?), You discovered that your personality is one of the children of the god of murder, Bhaal. Baldurs Gate 2 Enhanced Edition game creates a fascinating story based on that premise. Now that you know you are a child of evil god, it is not unreasonable to think that it may be time to save a little soul.

Unfortunately for the adventurer group, at the end of the last game, the last battle with Sarevok was weakened and tired, preventing the new enemy from defending.

When Baldur ‘s Gate II opens, it wakes up alone in a steel – caged cage and peels off the equipment and feels intense pain. Your arrestee is doing a magical experiment. Eventually this guy appears anywhere and gets out of the cell and the epic starts.

Baldurs Gate 2 Enhanced Edition characters

The Baldur’s gate 2 character interaction plays a much larger role than the original, and a non-player character traveling together often comments on the event. Some will talk directly to you. Basic plots are organized in a rather simple but fun way. Side quests are entirely optional, but most are related to the main story and make the world more consistent and realistic.

In many ways, the game originally shares more similarities with Planescape: Torment than Baldur’s Gate.  In general, non-player characters will offer you a job or ask for help on various missions, and you will perform countless quests. Inch inches, you will work your way through the town of Athlatka.

I had to explore to get a new quest at Baldurs Gate 2 Enhanced Edition, it is reversed in the sequel. There are plenty of quests from the start, but you need to explore them to complete them. This is a welcome change. The speed of the game is much smoother and includes much less downtime than Baldur’s Gate.

One of the better quests is to secure a stronghold. The specific quest you receive is based on the hero’s class. The fighter gets a keep, and a druid gets a orchard. Over time, you can earn money by tax or jump to sub-quests that branch off from your base.

These are often small things (including experience rewards) that make a decision on board to choose how to punish thieves. They do not play an important role, but there is strong suspicion about walking around the castle or checking things.

Now, if there is a way to fight the neighbors or conquer the land. In the end you will graduate from the “training” in Athlakta and the trip will take you to more interesting locales such as exiles for crazy mages and weak cities. Ultimately, all locations are open, so you can return to complete missed quests.

Game features

The new character begins with the first game’s level cap, 89,000 experience points (xp). The new level cap is 2,950,000 xp (roughly level 20). BioWare, has achieved significant improvements in leveling and learning experience. You often skip a boring “low skill” step and enter a big battle.

Multiple classification characters are so flexible that they are flexible enough to actually be useful. Join three new lessons with snap195_1 Class Kit. There are many ways to create a party. Another reason to do it again is second. A magician is essentially a wizard who does not have to memorize magic, and barbarians are a slightly different fighter.

Monks are particularly interesting because they have special abilities depending on their level. Overall, there are far more diverse characters. Another welcome feature is to include a difficulty slider. If you like, you can adjust the difficulty so that the monster will do more damage.

This is not attractive for some AD & D players, but it’s definitely a useful option. This game is not good. Great. There are some drawbacks such as inventory control here and there, but you can tell about minor defects, but the bottom line is that Baldurs Gate 2 game is just fun.

Is anything else important? This is not the case. This game is recommended for almost everyone. BioWare was apparently very busy mastering isometric pseudo realtime RPGs and shows them in BGII.

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