Back to School Gift Guide 2019

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Do you have a ship that is more designed than IKEA bags? It's ugly, of course, but not iconic. You can ask for more than the conviction of a suitcase with a handle that you know, not a textbook to leave the weight of your smelly clothes to wash or donate.
Price: ~ $ 5

Here comes the art: Net Anthology

There are many works of art on the Internet, and this guide will guide you through 100 works ranging from the creative code painting. Browsing these pages is like visiting the web museum of your home.
Price: ~ $ 22


Board games have gained great popularity these days and have been completed with intricate instructions and beautiful illustrations. Sickle is one of the greatest successes of recent years, competing for resources and territory as giant mechs in the alternative Europe of 1920.
Price: ~ $ 57

UE Megaboom 3

When you want Celebrate in a patio, have a picnic in the park or listen to music in your apartment, the UE Megaboom 3 offers a strong sound and long battery life. , A waterproof body that can survive almost anything
Price: ~ $ 150

Google Home Hub

Google smart screens are more useful and fun than simple smart speakers. Home Hub can display YouTube recipes and videos.

RØDE NT-USB Microphone

This microphone is the best choice for most podcasters. Our recent voice recording "This is my next summary" is abundant, has a good signal / noise ratio and requires little or no balance. Amazon
Price: ~ $ 169

Sonos One

Sonos One is possibly the best sound speaker on the market. One compatible with Amazon Alexa, one can play music at home in combination with other Sonos speakers.

A subscription to Spotify Premium

Hulu's advertising support plan includes a subscription to Spotify Premium, which is good business. Now you can stream your music and watch your favorite TV shows in one plan.
Price: $ 9.99 / month

Backpack Timbuk2 Vert

Whether traveling or traveling to school, it is useful to have a bag that meets all your needs. Vert is small, but not only suitable for 17-inch laptops, but also has many easily accessible pockets and internal organization. You can also hang the strap of the bag with a small touch like elastic rings. Memory of Arkady Martine called empire
Price: ~ $ 129

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Arkady Martine's debut novel, SF novel, takes place in a distant interstellar empire and follow the ambassador from a small square. Her predecessor was killed, and she must explore the delicate balance of power to maintain her independence.
Price: ~ $ 14

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon's latest Paperwhite is still the best. With an improved design and waterproofing, it is ideal to catch up with books on the way to class. Bartender by Carey Jones and John McCarthy
Price: ~ $ 130

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A Choose your own adventure – A style guide for art of the cocktail that shows you what you can and can do based on your surroundings.
Price: ~ $ 15

Nintendo Switch

This gaming machine is one of the best gaming consoles. It provides excellent alignment of games with excellent portability, so it is unbeatable. Gamestop

Apple AirPods with wireless charging are ideal for playing at home, in class or while traveling. Price: ~ $ 299

The new AirPod has improved a bit, but the changes are important. The new H1 wireless chip allows the "Hey, Siri" voice command, and it is not necessary to plug in the wireless charging case.
Price: ~ $ 199

Sony 1000X M3

Sony 1000X M3 wireless headphones are a winning choice for several reasons. They are light, comfortable and amazed. The noise canceling effect is the strongest of all we tested, and some are worth $ 350.
Remote control support Studio Neat Apple TV
Price: ~ $ 348

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If you have an Apple TV, you have probably lost your remote control. This Apple TV remote control pedestal may not help you, but it does have a dedicated area to help prevent it from being lost from the beginning. maybe.
Bedside Essential Pocket (19659077) Price: ~ $ 15

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Bedside Essential Pocket

For those with limited space, this night bag is a good way to integrate the whole team without the need for a full night.
Price: ~ $ 16

Fake Blanket of Mexico

The perfect gift is that they did not realize that were necessary, let us tell you, no graduate will realize how good it is to have a throwing blanket or two, this brightly colored mold is cheap enough to decorate the bedroom so that no one sits when the beer is inevitably poured. 19659008] Price: ~ $ 23

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Bitmap textile coasters

Decorate your space with these retro coasters with the designer's bitmap design Susan Kare, who created the iconic original Macintosh icons.
Price: ~ $ 10

Roku Premier

Roku is the best way to access several streaming services with a convenient interface. Not to mention that there are hundreds of low-cost services even unknown and free. The perfect tool for the code cutting chord
Price: ~ $ 39

Wax Founder

Whether you move to a bedroom or an artificial plant, this The person who melts wax can make the most of incense candles without having to set fire.
Price: ~ $ 25

Bonavita electric kettle

A smooth gooseneck can make fine coffee. It is an elegant way to start the morning.
Price: ~ $ 125

Cougenead Classic cast iron enamel

The cast iron skillet is fantastic and offers enough heat to cook at home. These enamel fans provide all the benefits of cast iron, do not have to worry about handling the seasoning properly and are much easier to clean and prepare. In addition, it is great.
Price: ~ $ 40

Takeya insulated water bottle

Whether you need water, tea or coffee to go to class or work, this thermos does not drink beverages Hot or cold when you need it.
Price: ~ $ 30

Anker PowerCore 10,000 PD

USB battery packs are essential in today's world of smartphones, and battery packs Anker's 10,000 mAh provide USB-C PD charging and support to quickly charge the latest smartphones and tablets that are portable.
Price: ~ $ 46

Lunchbox of elephant

The 3-piece set of Zojirushi is easy, although you can use it to pack your meals at work or school. Hot or cold, stainless steel jars keep food at the desired temperature for several hours.
Price: ~ $ 36

Apple MacBook Pro

If you want a MacOS laptop, use your MacBook Pro. Compared to the slightly cheaper MacBook Air, this model offers a more processor Fast and is a better option if you are using creative applications.
Price: ~ $ 1,799

Dell XPS 13

This year's XPS 13 lifted the webcam to create a new sheet. Cam for a long time, chin / nose! 19659004]

Financial advisor

It is not too early for you or someone you know to plan for the future regardless of high school, college or workforce.
Price: ~ $ 1,000-plus

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Popsocket finds people who can become a resource and helps with financial planning.

This decorative circular disk provides a comfortable handle or stand that adheres to the back of the phone and folds the accordion style to place the phone on a flat surface.
Price: ~ $ 10

ThinOptics Glasses

If your glasses reading is always out of place, folding glasses do not have to hang on the key ring or sit in your wallet.

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Uppercase GhostCover keyboard protector

This ultrathin keyboard protector is essential when using the latest MacBook Pro, because the keyboard is prone to damage.
Price: ~ $ 13

Apple iPhone XR

If you want a new iPhone with the latest design, fast specifications and long battery life, you don't have to pay $ 1,000. The iPhone XR has much in common with the iPhone XS, and most people will not see the commitment that costs $ 749.
Price: ~ 749

Samsung Galaxy S10E

Probably the best of the three new Samsung S10s, the S10E will include a powerful punch in a size that best fits the hands of most people. [19659152] <19659164] <div data-filter_4 = "

Anker all-in-one charging cable

If you have a phone, iPad and Nintendo Switch, we recommend that you have a charging cable each device Anker's solution integrates three cable functions in a package. Interchangeable lightning, USB-C and micro USB ports, everything prepares.
Price: ~ $ 18

Ravpower fast-charge wireless charger

The RavPower wireless charger is made of premium materials and is the fastest charger.
Price: ~ $ 30

Apple iPad Air

The new iPad Air shares the difference between the cheapest iPad and the iPad Pro at a reasonable price of $ 499. It is the cheapest way to buy an iPad with Apple's smart keyboard connector, and it's easy to see what you see with the True Tone screen.
Price: ~ $ 499

If you move to your first apartment, you will need a tool at some point. This toolkit covers all the basics of screwdriver heads, wrenches, hammers, pliers and is perfect for all the difficulties you need to solve.
Price: ~ $ 25

Mega Pro racheting 13-in-1 screwdriver

Come on. Sometimes the bedroom or first apartment does not need a toolbox. 19659009] Amazon

Nautica Carry On Suit Case

Whether you're going on a family vacation or a family vacation, you always need good luggage. This Nautical suitcase is small enough to carry a plane, surprisingly durable and easy to navigate in many directions with a spinning wheel.
Price: ~ $ 100

Fitbit inspires human resources.

You will need something elegant to go to class, work on a train and follow your daily steps and exercises.
Price: ~ $ 100

Montane Watch

Mondaine watches are based on Swiss railway watches and offer a clean and simple style.
Price: ~ $ 198

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Uniqlo [유니버설] Slippers

Not only can you keep your fingers firm with a pair of comfortable slippers, but also protect your feet from the accidental filling of legos and coffee tables.
Price: ~ $ 15

Anker PowerPort Cube

If there are not enough power outlets in an apartment or home, the Anker solution adds Three outputs and three USB Type-A ports. This is an economical and useful way to power all devices.
Price: ~ $ 19

Traveler's Traveler's Notebook [19659007] Because laptops have fewer laptops than original organizer systems, you can place three or four laptops / planners on a single cover.The starter kit comes with a leather cover and an underlined notebook, but it has a different notebook ( disc line ontinua), agenda (daily, weekly, monthly), pocket and other accessories. [19659004] Price: ~ $ 47

Lamy CP1 [19659007] The fountain pen makes everything noble, and this matte black Lamy aluminum model looks amazing. Design your lease.
Price: ~ $ 60

Do I need a sticker for a new laptop or laptop? Is it an elegant shirt? Or a new cup for morning coffee, afternoon coffee or night coffee? We have more than a birdie point! Promotion code 25% discount using BTS2019
Price: $ 10 ~ $ 45