Audeze gets super serious about gaming audio with $899 LCD-GX

If there's a brand that I trust to build the best headphones in the world, it's Audeze. The company's flagship LCD line extends to the $ 4,000 price range, and would say that its latest LCD-4z has the performance to match. However, today, Audeze is targeting a wider market with the launch of its second gaming headset, the LCD-GX. These lend the same basic design and construction as the 4z, that is, a suspension headband combined with memory foam pads, strong metal yokes and interchangeable LCD cables, but focus on the games.

Apart from the directional microphone included with With the pop-up filter, Audeze is not making any particular hardware adaptation to convert the GX into gaming headsets. The company is using its magnetic planar controller technology, known for its striking "Audeze bass", and calls these cans the first "hearing aids for audiophile games". For a long time I have believed that the best headphones for games are the best You can buy a pair of headphones and Audeze is working according to the same principles. You already have the Mobius headphones for people who want more digital signal processing and positional sound.

LCD-GXs are designed for players who are more interested in immersing themselves in the sound environment of their favorite titles rather than pointing to the exact location of approaching steps. Although the GX is probably also good for the last one, or at least you should wait given its price of $ 899. Audeze will start sending the LCD-GX in July.

audeze gets super serious about gaming audio with 899 lcd

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