AT&T’s 5G E marketing ploy is turning out to be a disaster

AT & T may have solved Sprint and false advertising lawsuits through "5G Evolution" branding, but the company's obvious marketing strategy turned out to be a disaster. AT & T's actual 5G network now supports more cities than Verizon. The company is still holding on to the distant and confusing logo.

AT & T makes it clear that 5G Evolution is not really 5G, but the ultimate goal is to fool your customer into thinking he is. Access to next-generation networks through pure obfuscation. End result: In many confusions and news outlets, such as The Verge you should routinely stress that the 5G E is a misguided attempt to hype over hard data.

Take a look at Marc Benioff, chief technology CEO, who runs Salesforce, a cloud computing company. Benioff asked today's Twitter audience why the 5G logo was shown to nearly 1 million people and whether he had access to a next-generation network similar to the next-generation network that he is actually running in Korea. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is accessible using a special 5G variant. (The corresponding version of S10 is not yet available in the United States.)

Even the chief executive of a technology company seems confused by AT & T's branding. He contacted Benioff on Twitter and confirmed that his intentions could be made clear on Twitter.)

A & T customers are legally confused. . I wrote about AT & T's 5G deployment earlier this month, and it boasted about 5G of availability in 19 US cities, even without commercially available devices. A confused reader said he thought he had emailed me in a similar way to his network on his phone. The screenshot with this reader showed an iPhone home screen with the 5G E logo on the top right. I had to explain that I had to write again. Actually it was not 5G. At least one editor Verge had to explain to the confused family that they did not actually receive a network upgrade overnight. Numerous examples of other AT & T subscribers expressed similar confusion online .

AT & T's network is no longer accelerating over time. According to the speed test data collected by companies such as Ookla, users who run individual speed tests submitted to The Verge . However, as noted in the past, speed conflicts are not dramatic and not related to 5G as AT & T makes a sound. The data used to make AT & T's speed sound even more impressive is a lot like the introduction of the 5G E logo on the new iPhone, which introduces a new test with distorted AT & T's latest data.

atts 5g e marketing ploy is turning out to be a disaster

The speed at which 5G E speeds are achieved on AT & T's network may actually be slower than using smartphones that have access to LTE Advanced and Advanced on T-Mobile and Verizon . Pro technology is a variant of LTE that AT & T was born with 5G E. All that is 5G E. LTE network technology is newly introduced.

OpenSignal, a research analyst firm that uncovered the "embarrassing data point" of 5G E, said: "It is a meaningless marketing action that confuses our customers and makes AT & T appear to have the most advanced technology in wireless technology. The company is obviously a ridiculous one, "he added.

But AT & T does not seem to mind. AT & T said it plans to continue using 5G E marketing according to an anonymous source quoted by the Dallas Business Journal to resolve false advertising lawsuits with Sprint. AT & T said that when AT & T first defended Sprint, which more than half of the participants thought that the 5G E could be compared to 5G, "the customer wants to know if they want to get better speed. "

The company claims to have clearly explained the difference between the 5G E and the standard 5G. It is not enough for the outstanding technologists for Benioff and many AT & T customers. AT & T was not immediately available for comment on this story.

Of course, the real test is when the smartphone is finally equipped with the essential 5G modem needed to access AT & T's next generation network, and the company needs to reexamine that there is another fast block technology. At that time, AT & T hopes people will suddenly become aware of the difference between the 5G E and the genuine article. After a few months to deceive the same user with the idea that the network has already arrived, it will be a real challenge to brag to customers about deploying next-generation networks.

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