AT&T’s 5G E game is even worse than its misleadingly named network

AT & T was recently crowned the fastest network in the US. UU., Thanks to the results of Ookla's speed tests of Q1 2019 (even if that victory is not as impressive as it seems). Now, the company is celebrating that achievement with a literal victory lap in the form of a new browser game called AT & T Data Drive .

The game, which can be played at because the subtlety is dead, is an 8-bit car game that seems inspired by Spy Hunter, minus all the really fun parts of Originals, like weapons or gadgets. Instead, players are placed in an AT & T brand car and are asked to complete the course as quickly as possible while dodging obstacles such as potholes, water spills and, of course, slower cars in red color combinations, yellow and magenta that are very convenient. AT & T Data Drive is also much more simplistic than Spy Hunter which limits players to movements to the left and to the right, instead of the more strategic options of acceleration or braking, what makes dodging cars much harder.

To really succeed in AT & T Data Drive, you will have to "drive on the 5G Evolution Speed ​​Boost Blue" arrow, which will give your car a temporary forward rocket boost. a curious game mechanic, given that 5G Evolution is just regular LTE, which does not offer any of the really dramatic speed increases offered by real 5G networks. (A more precise game mechanic would simply make it look like as if your AT & T 5G E was faster to add flame stickers, while actually moving basically at the same speed as Verizon and T-Mobile cars.)

Upon completion of the course, AT & T gives players the option to Share your score on Facebook and visit the AT & T website for more information AT & T also asks players to "share the link with a friend to see who can complete the course at the best time", which seems like a great c dare to do if you hate your friends.

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