AT&T will cut off service for a dozen customers over piracy violations

Anonymous sources said in an interview with Axios that AT & T plans to warn 12 customers in the next week or two weeks that the service will be terminated due to copyright infringement. AT & T has established its own policy on copyright infringement last year, and this is the first time to terminate customer service under new rules.

More than 12 customers have been warned that AT & T may infringe copyright. You may cancel the Service as stated by AT & T's new policy. At AT & T Axios the copyright owner said that the content owner informed the company when the Internet connection was found to be illegally distributing copyrighted material. Customers who do not modify their behavior will be discontinued.

In June, AT & T acquired Time Warner, which also granted ownership of the vast content network, WarnerMedia. An anonymous source said that Axios did not immediately know whether WarnerMedia was the subject of the allegations.

It was unclear whether AT & T should warn customers about copyright before the acquisition. Infringement issues. If the size and distribution of copyrighted material is not vast, people rarely leave the service provider for piracy.

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