AT&T says its 5G network is launching ‘in the next few weeks’

AT & T promised to launch a true standards-based 5G network at the beginning of 2018 at the beginning of the year, and during the recent monetization period, CEO John Donovan said that the network is Phone Scoop .

This will be a full-fledged next-generation 5G network, unlike the "5G Evolution" network launched last year, which is essentially the same as the 4G LTE improvement that competitors made through creative branding.


on the premise that AT & T promised to launch the 5G network one day before the end of the year and that the end of the year is a few weeks away. Strictly speaking, Verizon is AT & Spurred 5G networks in Houston and started the early 5G network in Houston, including Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento. Verizon's network, however, is not based on 3GPP's 5G NR specification, but instead uses the 5G TF, another early standard that will be upgraded to future 5G NRs. Verizon's current network is also a fixed 5G network for fixed Internet, not a mobile device that you might think of when thinking about mobile Internet.

AT & T's network will be America's first network if everything goes according to plan. It is possible to start both the 3GPP standards-based 5G NR system and the mobile network via the network (basically not yet supported). Currently, AT & T has tested 5G in Charlotte, Raleigh, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Atlanta and Waco, and only 6 cities out of a total of 12 cities promised to launch 5G in January. 2018.

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