AT&T is now telling customers the Galaxy Fold will ship on June 13th

After postponing the launch of Galaxy Fold, there are some questions. Why is the screen broken and what will Samsung do to change the fold design? But for those who are not delayed in all the drama about pre-ordering devices and screen breaks, the biggest problem is actually this: when will it end?

AT & T gives customers one potential answer – June 13th. It is based on a number of screenshots we saw on Twitter and Reddit. The screenshot itself is certainly legitimate but does not mean that the date is correct. Samsung says it has not released any updates on its timing. We have contacted AT & T and have heard that the company has no comment.

The date of June 13 may or may not be a placeholder. Perhaps AT & T's system may have required a specific date to maintain pre-order, and the computer will not accept the entry "Every time Samsung finishes diagnostics" in a particular data entry field.

If June 13 was found to be inferred, AT & T just emailed the customer with no more context. The need for e-mail may be related to this copy, "Federal regulations require you to agree on a new delivery date", but it is important that AT & T provide more information about what is happening now. Some unbelievably difficult customers may not be completely immersed in the work being done on the Galaxy Fold and on the screen.

Not all are clear, but the lack of clarity is not surprising at all. Meanwhile, Reuters reported that Samsung is collecting all the review units it has distributed so far. Samsung wants to avoid reporting more of the broken screen in advance. A new report from Michael Fisher showed that the bulge between the hinges and the flexible screen goes up. There are 3 review units with protrusions between the screen and the hinge.

Collecting all the calls there is a smart move in the part of Samsung, Finding means that we are taking more care of the company to explain what happened to this review unit. The most likely speculation we have had so far is from iFixit which points out several possible failures. But none of that is decisive.

We will update this post with additional information from AT & T or Samsung. In the meantime, my suggestion to those who pre-ordered the device and received this email is that the aspiring 5/6 E icon, such as AT & T's notorious 5G E, will be shipped but not the exact thing.

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