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Atelier Online is a new mobile adventure RPG for iOS and Android platforms to become an alchemist of Bressisle. The game is the first mobile entry in the series and brings back several characters you’ll remember if you’ve played the previous Atelier games. There are hundreds of ways to customize your character, compositing thousands of items, and more.

Like many other mobile RPGs, Atelier Online has promo codes that you can use to get free items and currency. Developer Boltrend tends to be pretty generous with their code as a way to promote their games or reward fans for following them on social media.

Read our list of promo codes, how to get more, and how to redeem them for freebies on Atelier Online!

To redeem the code, you can first go through the tutorial all the way through, where you can tap or click wherever you want. Once there, hit the menu button in the upper-right corner of the screen (the button that looks like a 3×3 grid) to get to the “Miscellaneous Menu” area.

Then press the code button. Enter the code or copy and paste it from somewhere else and check it out. If it works, you can get stuff for free after the last step.

The final step uniquely requires you to exit and reopen the game, then go to the gift box icon next to the original menu button on the main screen. From there, you can claim the rewards you earned when you enter the code.

Facebook is definitely the first place to start looking for codes. This is one of the places where the developers maintain the game’s official pages, and they post frequently to keep fans engaged, so it’s no wonder that many of these posts contain code. Subscribe to the page so you don’t miss a code and go back to the previous post to see if you missed a code already posted.

They don’t maintain official gifts on Instagram or Twitter or most other social networks, but they do check anyway because codes don’t pop up in fan discussions. Look for codes shared by players, but ignore suggestions for codes in return for surveys. Because this is a scam and unreliable.

There is an official Subreddit for developer-maintained games, so it will be a very active source for fan discussions, including both fan-shared code and developer-shared code. Subscribe and keep browsing the codes and if you have any unshared codes, please share them.

Twitch and YouTube are great sources for code. This is because streamers often receive code exclusively from developers for use in streams and videos only. They usually notify you by the video title when they have code to share, so they can be easily searched for.

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Discord is another great source for code because of how instantaneous the discussion is, so be sure to subscribe to the channel to see the code as soon as it’s shared. If you have code to share, please do so.

So far, the following code has been shared for Atelier Online.







Stay tuned as we will continue to update this article with new code. If you have code not posted in this article, post it in the comments!

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