Asus just patched the ShadowHammer malware that was masquerading as a security update

"Important" software updates on Asus computers might actually be malicious code. In the dark, hackers are now targeted for an attack called "ShadowHammer". Currently, Asus contains fixes in the form of actual security updates and can be downloaded using the Live Update software tool.

The company also says there is a second "security diagnostic" tool available. Check your computer for impact. "[W] We encourage users who are still paying attention while they read some of the company press releases that contain links to their software.

The company's press release is not but Kaspersky Lab, a cyber security company, said that malware could install 1 million computers and run on hundreds of thousands of computers. Kaspersky and Symantec say they have found at least tens of thousands of malicious codes

However, Asus says it has taken steps to prevent it from happening again, including multiple security checking mechanisms to prevent malware. "[19659005] "At the same time, we want server-to-end users Updated and enhanced the software architecture, "says Asus.

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