Astrolapp Live Planets and Sky Map v4.1.0.3 [Paid] APK Free Download

Astrolapp shows the paths of objects in the solar system in the skies of the medieval astrolabes, including the sun, moon and planets orbits. Astrolapp Live Planets and Sky Map v4.1.0.3 [Paid] APK Free Download Latest version for Android. Astrolapp Live Planet and SkyMap v4.1.0.3 [Paid].

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Abstract: Astrolapp is the sky including the orbit of the sun, moon and planet Shows the path of the object in the solar system. Astrolapp-Live-Planets-and-Sky-Map-v4.1.0.3-Paid-APK-Free-Download-1-OceanofAPK.com_.png “/>
In addition to the Astrolabe-style solar system in the medieval Astrolapp The sky map shows 9096 brightest stars and 48 Ptolemy constellations. Use Astrolapp as a planning tool for your next astronomical observation trip or as a companion for evening star gazing. Provides dark daylight and dark red light modes for comfortable night sky.
Different star-shaped apps from astrolapp? Astrolapp not only allows you to place stars and planets wherever you see them on Earth, but also visualizes sky movements and mechanics in a spherical plane spherical representation.
On the surface of the earth, we perceive the sky as spheres around us. The upper hemisphere is the visible part of the sky above our horizon, and the lower part is covered by the earth. It appears that stars and bodies in the solar system are moving over the sphere.
Astrolapp displays the celestial sphere in the same way as a person sitting on the north (south) pole of this sphere. From this point of view, the sun appears to move along a circle parallel to the celestial equator, like 24 hours a day. Other stars and planets appear to move more than 360 degrees a day or less, depending on the proper movement of objects in the solar system.
* Planisphere showing the position and movement of the sun Moon and planets
* Display of 9096 bright stars and 48 Ptolemy constellations
* Planetary Moon phase and phase; Degeneracy of planets
Accurate numerical position data for stars and objects in the solar system in ecliptic, equatorial, or horizontal coordinate systems; (19459012) * You can switch to real-time mode or manual mode, and the latter to "scrolling sky" to arbitrary intensity.
* You can automatically detect (or optionally map) an observer's geographical location. Save location to permanent memory
* Display of zodiac and zodiac signs location
* Select height and azimut line
* Local photovoltaic time and local and Greenwich mean time calculations
* Live or future traffic situation
New features:
★ Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Venus.
* Nighttime mode (Black and White / Red)
* Projection centered on the north or south pole of the celestial.
★ Scrolling easily in manual 3D mode
★ Improved planet
The celestial location data now incorporates long range and aberration.
★ For devices running on Android 7 and below: Restore the older larger app icon.
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