Similar to SEO, ASO boils down to using elaborate algorithmic programs in order to help users find the most suitable software.

ASO Ranking Factors

If you’re currently focused on ASO factors for Google and Apple mobile stores, you’re in luck. In this article, we will show you the safest ways to improve your app store ranking on these two digital distribution platforms. Stay tuned for more details.

App Store Ranking Explained

If you’re here, you probably know that the better you are at ASO, the better your chances of being found perfectly, and therefore the higher your traffic and income. Therefore, exploring the criteria that cause your App Store search ranking to change is paramount. The most directly influencing criteria are listed below:

  • your startup name – go for the strongest keyword along with your brand name when figuring this out;
  • subheading: use the second most powerful keyword within your niche in the subheading;
  • keyword field – Fortunately for iOS developers, the tech giant allows you to add niche-specific keywords to reward your marketing efforts. This field influences your findability and is invisible to others.

Regarding the indirect classification criteria, they are the following:

  • description: in terms of keywords, this element is not influential, hence its ‘indirectness’. However, if you do it right, you will surely reach more relevant consumers and thus increase your conversion rate;
  • install parameter: the number of installs you will get during a particular period of time affects your ability to find, so don’t forget to monitor this factor and keep track of your app store stats in general;
  • Uninstall Rate – Too many uninstalls affect your app’s iOS ranking, so plan your marketing efforts to attract the most relevant and lasting audience;
  • the visual side: a picture is worth a thousand words, they say, so the better you work at your app icon, screenshots, and preview video, the better your chances of generating multiple leads;
  • Word of mouth: Stellar reputation and a treasure trove of positive reviews should also be in your plan, because this factor is also vital when it comes to the App Store search algorithm. Basically, it means that the process of polishing your product to perfection both inside and out must be continuous;
  • Frequent revisions: If your mobile software receives frequent updates, your chances of winning Apple’s appeal increase significantly. Read your consumer reviews, take into account their bug reports, and make sure all glitches and blemishes get a worthy fix.

Google Play Ranking Factors for Android Apps

To drive tons of organic traffic to your app within Google’s mobile storefront environment, you need to know the distribution platform’s ranking criteria. So, without further ado, here’s what you need to work on to get noticed (and loved!) by the Play Store ranking algorithm:

  • Metadata: Since the product title is the crucial ranking criteria for the tech giant, don’t forget to fill in your description fields with the most relevant keywords as well;
  • word of mouth: did you know that what your app users say about your product matters a lot? Good is true! So if your app is intuitive, smooth and useful, people will invite their friends to use it, which will skyrocket your conversion rate to stardom;
  • Install Rate – If your app gets a lot of installs followed by long-term usage, then Google is sure to elevate the findability of your product to a whole new level;
  • the visual aspect: the application icon, screen images and promotional video are also vital;
  • conversion rate – yes, Google likes it when your app helps people reach their goals.

ASO Classification Factors: Differences and Similarities

Despite the obvious similarities between the ranking criteria of the two digital storefronts, a closer look reveals some important differences. So when perfecting your app marketing plan, don’t forget to dig deep, keep it all in mind, and make the most of the best ASO tool on the market.

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This post was last updated on: August 2, 2022