As promised, Windows 10 Insider build 18990 for 20H1 Fast Ring is out – here's what's changed

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We finally had a clue about the release of a new compilation this morning, as the Windows Insider team said during its webcast this morning that they were trying to get a new Fast Ring compilation today, and indeed, here it is. Along with the improvements in the game bar, a new way to restart applications when you log in and some WSL improvements, this latest compilation also has a list of changes, corrections and improvements. Here is the complete list:

  • We solved a problem where right clicking on the File Explorer search box did not display a context menu that could be used to paste the contents of the clipboard.
  • We have updated the default width of the search box in File Explorer will be a bit larger.
  • We solved a problem that affected the reliability of the Action Center.
  • We solved a problem that sometimes caused the credentials message not to appear when connecting to certain VPNs from the drop-down menu of the network, so it said Connecting but never completed the connection.
  • We solve Magnifier errors at different DPI levels.
  • We fixed a problem where the Magnifier user interface did not close with the keyboard shortcut Alt + F4.
  • We solve a problem where sometimes the magnifying glass window turned completely black after changing from lens mode to spring mode.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the magnifying glass not to work when the Russian display language was used.
  • We have clarified how "Read from here" works in Magnifying Glass.
  • We improve the readability of the magnifying glass reading rectangle.
  • We improve reading in Lens mode.
  • We solved a problem in which the text cursor indicator sometimes did not appear, although the setting was enabled. [19659003] We made the text cursor shapes more readable and aesthetic.
  • We solved a problem in Narrator where changing the speech speed with the keyboard commands would speak the new speed using the previous speed.
  • We solve the sound of the Narrator blank.
  • We improve the automatic reading experience of the Narrator dialogue.
  • Table navigation hotkeys are now allowed when entering a list view to allow one to navigate through the columns while using Narrator.
  • We improve the Summary dialog of the Narrator page by allowing the tab and shift-tab to cycle through the dialog controls.
  • Narrator will no longer announce notifications for non-focused Chrome web pages.
  • Narrator now announces the current value of "thumb" in legacy color selector controls.
  • Narrator now presents links and playback buttons correctly in iTunes.
  • We improve the Narrator reading experience in Chrome and Firefox. Certain pages may cause Narrator to return to the previous content.
  • Narrator is now updating a braille screen attached correctly when some XAML controls are expanded.
  • Thank you to everyone who shared comments on the design of the input mode selector on the taskbar for traditional and simplified Chinese IMEs. We adjusted the design based on your comments that the glyph of the icon was large and blurred.
  • We solved a problem whereby some Chinese characters in the dictionary of common standard Chinese characters could not be entered with the new version of the simplified Chinese IME.
  • Fixed an issue where, by switching to English input mode and returning to Chinese input mode, the scores would become Chinese scores, even if "Use English punctuation marks in the input mode in Chinese "was enabled with the new version of Simplified Chinese IME.
  • We solved a problem whereby the new version of the simplified Chinese IME candidate window sometimes did not appear.
  • We solved a problem whereby the new version of the traditional Chinese Bopomofo IME did not show candidates or the next phrase candidates on the touchpad.
  • We solved a problem whereby the characters written with the new version of traditional Chinese IME were not committed with the Enter key when certain games were used. [19659003] We solved a problem whereby the legacy language bar did not display IME mode icons while using the new version of Japanese IME, Traditional Chinese IME or Korean IME.
  • We solve a problem where the new version of Japanese IME does not convert a word pasted from another place by the Henkan code.

I hope that if you have had problems, you can find a solution for your problem on this list.

While proven and true problems, such as issues against cheating and problems with Realtek SD cards have finally disappeared, there is still a list of known issues. Here is that list as of Windows 10 Insider build 18990:

  • Certain 2D applications (such as Feedback Hub, Microsoft Store, 3D Viewer) are treated incorrectly as protected content within Windows Mixed Reality. During video capture, these 2D applications block the recording of your content.
  • When capturing a playback video while an error occurs through the Feedback Hub in Windows Mixed Reality, you cannot select Stop Video, due to the protected content problem mentioned above. If you want to send a playback video, you must wait 5 minutes for the recording time to run out. If you want to archive the error without a playback video, you can close the Opinion Center window to end the recording and resume the error presentation when you reopen the application in Comments> Drafts.
  • When viewing the optional drivers in the new section on the Windows Update page, you may notice that older drivers are shown as available for download. If they are accepted, they will try to install it and they will not. This is an error related to the revised Windows Update detection logic instead of this new user interface. The root cause is understood and there will be a solution available in an upcoming compilation.
  • Devices configured for dual scanning (WSUS and Windows Update) for updates may not have new compilations in the fast ring. When you select Check for updates online from Microsoft Update, you will search for updates, but the message "Your device is up to date" may appear. We are working on a solution for a future flight.

So, if it's on Windows 10 Insider 20H1 Fast Ring, download it now!

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