As Microsoft’s new Surface devices launch, users take to Reddit to complain of possible quality-control issues

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It has been a great week at Microsoft as the company comes from the launch of two new Surface devices. Both the Surface Laptop 3 and the Surface Pro 7 were launched on Tuesday, and technical reviewers have had good and good things to say.

However, some consumers who went out and bought new Surface products seem to have problems. At the time of writing this report, many users have addressed the Surface subreddit and complain about possible quality control problems with their new products. devices, but according to our accounts, there are now more than 10 posts in the subreddit with complaints about Surface Laptop 3 or Surface Pro 7.

Also, to be fair, there seems to be no similar or widespread complaints on Twitter, which is where the People often complain about problems with new technology products. Anyway, a quick look at the publications on Reddit seems to highlight the following problems with the new Surface devices.

  • u / littleloversopolite complains about a new overheating of Surface Pro 7 when it only browses the web
  • u / Goseki mentions that WiFi is slow when a new Surface Laptop 3 leaves the suspension
  • u / romeroha mentions a black and low-resolution or nervous screen on the 13-inch Core i7 Surface Laptop 3
  • u / Gernug complains about the Surface Pro 7 fans sound loud
  • u / Rhystic1 complains that the paint is getting detaching from the Surface Laptop 3
  • u / b_to_the_rye does not complain that none of the USB-C ports on a new Surface Pro 7 works to charge
  • u / Nyaughty complains of a wobbly goat leg on a new Surface Pro 7, fresh out of the box
  • u / TheWoolyWolves notices a rattling noise in a new Surface Pro 7
  • u / Bo-9876 mentions that "Hey Cortana" isn't working on a new Surface Pro 7

As you will remember, Consumer Reports t uvo once stopped recommending new Surface products due to high breakage rates. Microsoft then challenged that claim, supported its Surface products and mentioned that each generation of Surface devices is improving. Finally, Consumer Reports restored its recommendation after examining its members' surveys. Microsoft also recently redesigned the Surface Laptop 3 and made it much more repairable, and the Surface Pro 7 even has replaceable SSDs. He even released a first-day firmware update to address Cortana's voice recognition and battery life issues.

The Surface line has a deep heritage, and it will be interesting to see if more users experience these same problems. If true, Microsoft could have his hands full once again, just as he did with Flickergate in Surface Pro 4 and Sleepgate in Surface Book.

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