Arena Allstars Review

The mobile game inspired by the automatic chess Arena Allstars is one of the latest "autobattlers" on the market. The game takes a rather serious approach to the mechanics and rules of the genre, and everything that entitles, but also adopts a kind of funny and funny approach, mainly in units and detailed design. These games have a worldwide follow-up and, like all their predecessors, the community had to try it, so this is the sum of the comments so far …

  Arena Game Allstars

Development and reception [19659004] The game is offered by Match Set Games and being an Auto Chess-style game, it is also a combination of strategy and real-time battles. However, this title also brings fantasy to the well, and not in terms of what is common today. It offers its own combination of a kind of fairy tale, fantasy atmosphere of the 90s of the old school. The game is currently in early access on Google Play while it is also being developed for iOS. Therefore, this is a call for all who enjoy this style of play to try it. It has more than 10k facilities so far, with its latest update on September 21, 2019, and it's free with in-app purchases. This is the only title that currently has Match Set Games on Google Play, but it seems an ambitious project for sure. many others in what is now a genre in itself. However, it takes some slight detours compared to DOTA Underlords and the like. Here, the total group of players competing in a single game is 8, and as is tradition, the rapid confrontation faces each and every one against them until there is only one standing at the end. The total health group is 100 for each participant and, depending on the outcome of the match, the player will receive damage or cause damage. The damage itself is calculated by the number and types of units in the field, so far all family mechanics.

However, in addition to the usual Free-for-All fast combat, this game offers a Teamfight cooperative mode, which is a new thing. The games are still fast and short in both modes, and the full game should not take more than 10-15 minutes, with the winner who plays the longest.

  Arena Allstars Review

While some other games inspired by automatic chess are designed for multiple platforms and, as a result, the gaming experience may not be ideal for any of them, Arena Allstars is designed exclusively for mobile games . Therefore, pairing and the entire configuration process is noticeably faster and works smoothly. In addition, Match Set Games also expanded the experience by offering monthly tournaments and engaging content to keep the experience alive and more diverse. In addition, a large amount of time and effort was invested in optimizing the user interface and ease of access to the game, so it can even be played with one hand without any inconvenience.

Apart from that, the game presents all the familiar mechanics where you gather your champions from a group of different races, classes and each with different skills and alignments. As is traditional for this genre, alignment combinations are crucial and offer bonuses depending on the number of troops aligned.

Graphics and appearance

Contrary to similar games, your troops here are actually called pets and the whole game has something of a feeling of fantasy. However, it is by no means less serious in its delivery. In fact, this game looks much better than many others of this style, with its semi-realistic 3D models, high-end graphics and excellent rendering. At first glance, it may seem minimalist, but a closer look will reveal much more.

  Arena Allstars

Arena Allstars characters are also a large part of the gaming experience, as mentioned, but they also show the best part of The game's appearance. You have everything from teddy bears, women with butterfly wings, to demons and supernatural creatures, and the representation is greatly added to the atmosphere. The game lives up to what has already become a tradition in this kind of games, but it expands where there is a place for him. Particularly, the addition of the Co-Op function and the exploration of the fantasy atmosphere is what gives this title its unique and fresh feeling, while improving the design of the game compared to the competition. It is currently in early access, so if you are a fan of the new wave, try it.





The incorporation of the Cooperative The characteristic and exploration of the fantasy atmosphere is what gives this title a unique and fresh feeling, at the same time It improves the game design compared to the competition. If you are a fan of the new wave, try it.

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