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One of the most frequent complaints from Windows system users is the slow start. Waiting for the computer to finally arrive at the desktop can be frustrating, wasting time and reducing productivity.

When you turn on your computer, there are a myriad of programs that you can open immediately without knowing it. These programs are automatically started to help load the operating system. If you have to manually open all these programs, it will take too long. If your computer tries to boot too many programs at once, it becomes a bottleneck and slows down everything.

  Standby startup programs become slow

Many programs that run at startup may not be recognized quickly by most computer users. But there are applications that slow down your computer. There is a reason you can open these applications at startup, but if your boot is slow, you should manually open them before you can use them.

The following are common application categories that slow down your computer.

19659006] Adobe

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Adobe applications, including Adobe Reader, Acrobat, and other applications in the Creative Cloud suite, . Designed to add yourself to your startup folder. The only reason that these programs can be useful is because they can be updated automatically. This is because hackers typically attack these applications. You do not need to allow these programs to run automatically.


Starting with Apple's application slows down. In the past, mainly Quicktime was the main cause, but it is no longer available on computers. Your computer may not have Quicktime, but you can delete it completely. Other Apple programs that can spoil startup are Apple P ush and iTunes Helper.

Chat application

  Slow startup program chat application

The chat application automatically starts at startup because it allows the chat application to know that users on the contact list are available for chat . . If your laptop uses Skype, Discord, or another chat application, you can disable it at startup. The boot time is faster, so you can open the app anytime you're ready to chat.

Cloud Storage

The Cloud Storage application allows you to back up and use all your files. When you run the file automatically, all your files are synced without thinking. A disadvantage of these programs is the drag that is created on the computer when the computer boots.

Game Client

  Slow Startup Game

Examples of GOG Galaxy, Origin and Steam are: OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, pCloud, and Amazon Drive are examples of programs that can interfere with startup speed. A game client that adds itself to the Startup folder on the Windows computer. They do this in order to be able to update immediately in the background without waiting for updates.


iTunes and Spotify are music streaming apps that automatically run by default on your computer. To shorten the time required to boot the computer, disable these clients and manually open the computer when it boots. Avoiding that is not a real benefit, so you should disable booting and increase boot speed.

Manufacturer bloatware

Computer manufacturers such as HP and Lenovo add programs to computers known as bloatware. You can safely remove your computer when you start it, and you can permanently delete it to keep your computer running smoothly.

How to disable these applications at startup

It is easy to disable these programs. In the search bar of the taskbar, type Startup and open "Startup Apps".

  Start Slow Startup Application Detection

Locate the program you want to disable and click the toggle switch to prevent it from running at startup.

  Slow Startup Program Startup Program Switch

Most of these programs have settings that allow you to change programs so that they can not add programs to the Startup folder. . Please check this setting for a moment. Sometimes the update will cause the default settings to resume and restart at startup.

If you do not use a program that runs automatically at startup, your computer runs faster and smoother. Therefore, unless you must run this program immediately, be sure to disable the program and ensure that the boot time does not improve.

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