April Fools’ Day 2019: the best and cringiest pranks

Happy Monday, and Happy April Fool's Day, also known as the day when all brands come out with all their might to surprise us with bad father jokes. As a reminder, today is a day to not believe what you see, because most of the incredible views could be just jokes at your expense.

However, in the midst of overused and unimportant jokes, occasionally some of these may even merit laughter. Generally not. We have compiled all the best here and will continue to update throughout the day as more companies exercise their wit and humor.


As always, Google is back to make jokes about us. After starting offering the classic Snake game on Google Maps over the weekend, he now claims to have a physical screen cleaner function in the Files application that uses software to identify dirt and smudges and magically clean his phone. Then create a "long-lasting non-stick protector" on the surface of your phone. Android users keep the joke alive by stating in the comments on the video that the screen cleaner works completely. Do you do it now? Does he really?

Google usually goes on April Fool's Day. If all those jokes were not enough for you, in the smart home department, Google launched a one-day Google Tulip feature that promises to be a tulip whisperer. He also caught a game within the web version of Google Calendar in the settings menu, so you can shoot down meetings with a laser cannon to get a higher score. Unfortunately, the game is only available to regular Gmail users and only shows fake events, so you can not pretend to bring down your real work meetings!


Duolingo is taking your daily reminder of push notifications one step further – by having a large green owl appear in real life and follow you to remind you to practice your language lessons. Duolingo affirms that the owl can come in three modes: encouraging, disappointed or passive aggressive, all very valid characterizations of the owl in the application at this time. The best jokes of the April Fools brand are those who are self-aware, I suppose.


OnePlus claims that its next smart device is not a phone, but an electric car called #WarpCar, a clear parody of Tesla. It includes more specs on its site, where it claims to have a slightly poorer acceleration and range than a Tesla S model. The eagle-eyed fans noticed that the teaser video is simply a McLaren sitting in the shade.


Instead of algorithms designing a Discover Weekly playlist today, Spotify has created Discocover Weekly playlists for everyone. At first glance, it looks like an unfortunate typo, but the contents of the playlist are actually disco songs by artists you tend to listen to. For me, that's Demi Lovato and the cast of Riverdale singing album covers, which was not even a thing I knew they did, so I think I discovered something.


Nvidia announced an intelligent GeForce RTX assistant called RON that aims to give you great advice while playing Apex as you tell yourself to hide to survive. You can also broadcast a lot of nonsense in French, Spanish and Mandarin, like "I'm a chicken dinner." Automatically combine research on the web to leave long comments on Reddit and Twitch so that you win all the arguments against the trolls. or RON Actually he becomes the troll. However, the best feature is that it will distract your partner and your parents from leaving your case so you can play longer.

Ant Financial

april fools day 2019 the best and cringiest pranks

Ant Financial, affiliated with Alibaba and responsible for China's predominant payment processing platform Alipay, says it came up with a new "FBi phone" that can detect fraud. He states that he uses AI and blockchain to predict when a scammer will call you, and if it is an automatic call, the phone will activate the robot in a seductive robotic conversation while alerting the authorities. Supposedly, the phone can also detect if the cooking oil or a Swiss watch are real or counterfeit goods. While we do not have any phone takes in action, Ant sent us this GIF, describing it as "Batman in your pocket".


HyperX and Nissin Cup Noodles

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These two unlikely partners joined together to create a new pair of headphones with Cup Noodles attached to the pads and a fork instead of a microphone. They claim that you can remove the fork to sip the Cup Noodles while you play, and that the Cup Noodles house the "largest double camera drivers on the market". It is assumed that the hearing aids were available for a limited time, but are already marked as exhausted. online.


april fools day 2019 the best and cringiest pranks

If you've ever met someone from Tinder and you were surprised by his real height, this joke could bring some poetic justice. Tinder has announced a height verification feature "coming soon," which will give honest people a badge of honor after they check their height by taking a picture in a commercial building. As Tinder points out: "We expect to see a large decrease in the 80% of men in Tinder who claim to be over 6 feet." That's fine with us, as long as we're all living our truths. "


1554136112 451 april fools day 2019 the best and cringiest pranks

Roku has another remote control, this time for your dog The Press Paws remote comes with barker assistant technology, a speaker subwoofer and shortcut buttons suitable for animals, like a button that lifts the Animal Planet, sadly, it's all just a joke, and although Roku said it would cost $ 19.99 and it would be in its place, it's not really At least there is a nice dog photo attached to the ad, although the dog's leg is obviously too big for the buttons on the remote control leg.

(Des-) Honorable Mentions

Some of the jokes out there were just fine, and not particularly amazing. We're collecting them here, and we can expect more throughout the day:

  • Razer Razer Ping! The service is fun to look at, but it does not really have It makes a lot of sense, it's like a Google Lens application that can replace talking with your friends in real life.
  • A Drone Dog Walker from Thumbs Up seems vaguely worried about the dog, what happens if the drone flies too high? What's wrong with the poor dog then?
  • Dbrand is selling real AirPower masks for the canceled AirPower. As they jokingly say: "With AirPower skins, our mission is simple: take your money by any means possible."
  • Elon Musk released a heavily self-tuned rap song called "Rip Harambe" on SoundCloud. "Nuff said.

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