Free download of the applied acoustic systems Strum Electric GS-1. Off-line independent installation of Stried Electric Systems

Strum Electric GS-1

Strum Electric GS-1 is a useful addition to producers who want to create or produce guitar tracks. It has a huge collection of electric and acoustic guitars. With the automatic recognition of chords, it is now easier and more efficient for users to create amazing, epic and joyful tracks. It includes the MIDI Riff library, the amplifier, the effects and the handling of a guitar on a keyboard that was never easy, but with this add-on, it has all these functions and tools at your fingertips. You can also download Native Instruments – B4-II VST.

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<p> Strum Electric GS-1 is a virtual guitar instrument that uses physical modeling to produce electric and acoustic guitar tracks.Of course, there are different types of guitar with various sizes, nylon and steel strings for Those users who want variants This add-on includes a chord library that includes open strings in the different systems that will allow them to create more details and unique features.It has improved the sound rendering engine with effects processor that contains an equalizer, a module multi-effects and a reverb.It is compatible with MIDI and host automation, synchronization with the host program. It allows to create rich, professional and pristine guitar tracks, which can be used to produce an album of sound. You can also download NoiseAsh – Plugin Bundle VST. </p>
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<h2> Features of Strum Electric GS -1 </h2>
<p>  Below are some notable features that you will experience after the free download of Strum Electric GS-1. </p>
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