Apple’s top spec Mac Pro will likely cost at least $35,000

Apple announced today that its new Mac Pro is already starting at an expensive $ 6,000, but the company did not mention how much the premium model cost. So we bought the parts that correspond to Apple's promised top specifications. As you can see, $ 33,720.88 is low which is the result of considering four GPUs, which can easily be priced at about $ 45,000.

Suppose you can purchase a 28-core Intel Xeon W processor, an almost incomprehensible 1.5TB RAM, 4TB SSD storage, and four AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo GPUs.

When you add the Pro Display XDR monitor (with Pro Stand), you'll see a workstation that can save you $ 50,000. These estimates are based on market prices for these (or similar) components. Apple historically charged much more for a pre-built configuration than a computer built by itself.

Here's how everything went wrong.

One Mac Pro: $ 6,000

Start with your default Mac Pro. I know Apple sells for $ 6,000 as a base model. This price includes motherboards, power supplies, heat sinks, cooling systems and chassis (optional wheels will cost extra) because you can not purchase enclosures on your own. CPU, GPU, and some RAM will be provided.

12 128GB DDR4 ECC RAM sticks: $ 17,867.88

The easiest shopping list is RAM. The new Mac Pro has 12 user accessible DIMM slots that use DDR4 ECC memory. Up to 1.5TB of RAM requires 12 128GB sticks. Each about $ 1,388.99 for a huge $ 17,867.88 for memory. But imagine: you can have all three chrome tabs open at once with $ 18K of RAM.

Two 2TB SSS: $ 2,400

You can assume that you will be charged the same price to upgrade your Mac Pro equally, because you will be charged $ 2,400 to upgrade your iMac Pro to 4TB of storage space. It is unclear whether this storage can be upgraded by the user (meaning some hardware level integration on Apple's side, especially given that it is encrypted by the Apple T2 chip). So now, Apple's pricey prices will be considered the minimum here. $ 7,453

The following is the best CPU we can get: 2.5GHz Turbo Boost up to 4.4GHz in this case Supports 28-core Intel Xeon W processors with 66.5MB cache and up to 2TB 2933MHz memory. Currently, Apple is not going to release a 28-core Xeon processor with the Mac Pro, but it is looking at Intel's product database. The closest option is the Intel Xeon W-3275M. The price is $ 7,453 and is assumed to be minimal. Now Apple's processor is probably not the W-3275M (Apple has a much higher cache size), but the rest of the specifications are pretty close.

Two AMD Radeon Pro Vega II GPUs: Suppose you have an unknown price, but at least $ 12,000.

There are some tricky things. AMD has released its Radeon Pro Vega II GPU with the Mac Pro, which means that it does not know how much it will cost to buy. We may even be able to purchase them all even if you do not. It may not be an option depending on how Apple's MDX Module system works.

Apple sells a total of four Vega GPUs. Two Vega II Duo cards with two GPUs are connected to two Apple MDX modules along with Apple's Infinity Fabric Link. Whatever the sum, it will not come cheap.

Assuming AMD is priced similarly to Nvidia's professional Quadro RTX products, the Quadro RTX 6000 costs $ 6,300 more than raw solutions for raw computing. A minimum of $ 12,000 is required for the entire Quad GPU package. If you add the MDX module and Apple's markup, you will not be surprised twice.

One Apple Afterburner Accelerator Card: Unknown Price

Technically this is an optional accessory, but it's from Apple, so I included it here. How much will it cost?

Apple Pro Display XDR Monitor: $ 5,000

Apple has introduced the Pro Display XDR monitor with the new Mac Pro. Of course, you can use an inexpensive display, but Pro Display XDR is designed specifically for pairing with your Mac Pro, so you probably want to choose one. Or 6.

One Apple Magic Keyboard and one Magic Trackpad 2: $ 228 [19659025] You probably need to buy a mouse and keyboard as well. Apple now sells these products separately on existing Mac Pro, so they start offering it for free.

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