Apple’s new standalone Music app for macOS will still basically be iTunes

Rumor has it that Apple will split iTunes into its components in the next macOS 10.15, with new Music, Video and Podcast applications to replace the old iTunes. But apparently, the new independent music application will still be built on iTunes, not a new one, based on Mazapan, according to a report from 9to5Mac .

So, instead of building a new music The application from scratch that would be based on a shared code base with Apple's independent music application on iOS (which is based on the UIKit framework), the new music app for macOS it will remain a regular application of AppKit for Mac. In other words, it's probably still basically iTunes, but with some more isolated functions in separate applications to allow Apple to concentrate better on music.

itunes is finally dying as apple reportedly breaks out music video and podcasts into separate apps in macos 10 15

Image by Guilherme Rambo / 9to5Mac

It is said that the new music application retains many of the features that iTunes already offers, such as "smart playlists, advanced library management, syncing with iPods and devices iOS, and even reading and recording discs, "which should be good for anyone who relies on those functions for everyday use. However, users who expected a less clogged version of iTunes that would only focus on music, could be more disappointed.

It's a transition similar to how Apple changed iBooks to its own application in 2013 with macOS 10.9 Mavericks, only on a larger scale, given the importance of Podcasts and Videos (particularly with Apple TV Plus on the way). The report of

9to5Mac is not clear if those new applications will continue to be based on Marizpan, but since they are smaller parts of iTunes with less luggage attached, it is possible that Apple could opt for that path. Presumably, we will discover more when Apple officially presents macOS 10.15 at WWDC 2019 in June.

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