Apple wins appeal of $234 million patent dispute with university

The Federal Court of Appeals ruled favorably in a patent dispute with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin. The court ruling, first discovered by Reuters ruled that Apple did not infringe one of the university's patents and overturned a previous ruling that fined Apple a $ 234 million fine. A fine of $ 272 million has been added to explain why Apple continues to use the patent, but it is likely that fundamental judgments have been reversed.

The patent lawsuit filed a lawsuit in 2014 that the University's Licensing Division – Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) used technology developed by several iPhone and iPad processors. In 2015, when the jury decided that the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad mini 2 infringed the patent, the university won first. Today, however, the court said a "rational jury" that meets the standards needed to overturn a jury verdict would have found the violation.

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