Apple will reportedly launch a pilot program to repair devices as old as the iPhone 4S

According to 9to5Mac Apple is preparing a "Repair Vintage Apple Products Pilot" program for devices that were too old to repair before. Despite the fact that Apple reserves the right not to repair devices that do not have parts, the pilot program eventually means that from the middle of 2012 until 2011, you are entitled to repair old devices such as the iPhone 4S or MacBook Pro. Apple and Authorized Service Providers. Apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the report.

Earlier this week, Apple proudly proclaimed that both the new MacBook Air and Mac mini were made of 100% recycled aluminum. The company has recently set a milestone in power worldwide as a renewable energy (despite its disadvantages). By extending the normal five to seven year repair life of this product, you can further improve Apple's environmental impact by preventing the device from being buried after defects have been developed.

Repairing older products is a good thing, but Apple's limited repair means that the device is still broken when the device can be repaired. The company lost its right to amend the laws in the United States and used proprietary software to prevent unauthorized companies from repairing their laptops.

Apple is planning to introduce an old device into the repair program.

  • iMac (21.5 mid-2011) – US and Turkey only

    • MacBook Air (19,59008) MacBook Air (12 inch, 19659010] iMac (27 inches, mid 2011) – only for the United States and Turkey

    However, on November 30 this list is expanded to include the following devices:

    • MacBook Pro (15-inch, mid 2012)

    On December 30, the final wave of devices will be extended to include the following Apple products. MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012)

  • Mac Pro (Mid 2012)
  • MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch,
  • Includes the iPhone 5 (GSM)

list, which includes the most popular mobile phones and all laptops, in fact the initiative is moving in the right direction, but Apple has to make it easier for others to repair their products I do not think you will need it if you make it.

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