Apple will repair 2016 MacBook Pros with ‘flexgate’ display issues for free

Apple will offer free repairs to owners of MacBook Pros 2016 with backlighting issues, a problem that increasingly begins to appear on laptops as they age. The repair program, announced this afternoon, covers only the 13-inch MacBook Pro model that debuted in 2016, although both Touch Bar and non-Touch Bar versions are eligible. Repairs will be covered for four years after the first purchase of a laptop.

In recent months, some owners of MacBook Pros 2016 began to have problems with the screens of their laptops, where the lighting will appear uneven at the bottom, as though the stage lights illuminate some areas but not others. The problem, called "flexgate", seems to be because a cable that connects the base of the laptop to the screen stretches more than it can handle during the months of opening and closing the lid. If the cable is sufficiently damaged, the entire screen can be turned off.

Apple seems to have solved the problem in the latest MacBook Pro models by extending the cable. iFixit discovered that the longest cable was present in a MacBook Pro 2018, although it did not check whether Apple also solved the problem in the 2017 models. Apple says the problem affects "a very small percentage" of the 2016 models. [19659004] This is the second repair program that Apple announced today for MacBook Pros. The company also expanded the laptops that are eligible for keyboard repairs, to repair its remarkable adhesive butterfly keys. Taken together, the problems show a less-than-perfect picture of Apple's high-end, high-priced hardware. But after a sufficient amount, at least, Apple offers repairs to customers who need them.

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