Apple will pull older iPhones from its German stores after Qualcomm wins partial ban

Apple plans to launch iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 models in a German store. QUALCOMM in Munich District Court ruled that Apple's devices are infringing Qualcomm's intellectual property rights related to smartphone power savings. [19659002AccordingtoCNBCAppleisalreadytryingtoprotestthedecisionbutintheprocessitwillstopsellingtheiPhone7andiPhone8to15ApplestoresinGermanyThelatestdevicessuchasiPhoneXSandXRarenotaffectedbytherulingAndiPhone8willcontinuetobeavailabletothird-partymerchantsandcarriers

After Qualcomm got a similar command from Qualcomm that banned the sale of older models, Apple has already updated iOS for Chinese users, but can continue selling with new animations. According to The Financial Times Apple seemed to have attempted to issue a similar kind of software update earlier in Germany to avoid potential problems. (This time it is related to how users search for contacts.) Due to hardware issues, the most recent and up-to-date rulings can be difficult to resolve.

Apple has the latest all-round shooting in the increasingly fierce battle between Qualcomm and Apple. It began about two years ago when Apple accused Qualcomm of its first modem chip price. Qualcomm accused Apple of infringing on intellectual property rights and filed several lawsuits against Apple, resulting in a current disaster.

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