Apple Watch Zoom: How to make Apple Watch easier to see

Although the Apple Watch is just a small computer on your wrist, it still offers many accessibility options. And one of the most useful and accessible options is Zoom. This built-in function allows you to hold a virtual magnifying glass on the clock screen and then scroll through this enlarged view for easy reading.

Today we are going to see how to activate Apple Watch Zoom, how to use and, perhaps most importantly, how to turn it off again.

Enable Zoom on Apple Watch

  Screenshots come out in standard size, even when Zoom is enabled.
Screenshots are output in standard size, even when Zoom is enabled.
Photo: Cult of Mac

To enable Zoom, open the configuration application on the Apple Watch and then scroll down to Accessibility . Touch that and you will see the screen in the image above. Move the switch to activate Zoom. Nothing will happen immediately. All you have done is set the possibility of Zoom to "activated".

To zoom in, double-tap the screen with two fingers. This is easy to remember and easy to do, although it is still almost impossible to fire accidentally.

The other setting on this screen is a slider to limit the maximum level of Zoom. Experiment to see what suits you.

How to use the enlarged view

Here are two things to keep in mind. One is that the Apple Watch approaches the point where it touches. If you have a complication in the upper right corner, and you click Zoom on the complication, that is where it will expand. When you zoom, you cannot move around the screen by sliding your finger. The view is fixed. You must bleed and zoom in again to see a different part of the screen.

  You can also change the Zoom setting from the Watch application.
You can also change the Zoom setting from the Watch application.
Photo: Cult of Mac

The exception is when you are viewing text. Something like an email, for example, or some application screens. In this case, use the digital crown to navigate the entire screen. When turning the crown, it will first be scanned from left to right. Then you will jump to the next "line" and move through it. A small bevel will float on the application, showing you where you are. It's something like the general view of the map in an adventure video game.

How to remove the zoom from the screen of your Apple Watch

To deactivate the effect, simply make the same double tap with two fingers. This will cause the Zoom level to return to normal. If you never want to use Zoom, and you don't even want to accidentally activate it, simply return to the Zoom page in the Clock Settings application to deactivate it again.

Additional option: resize text on Apple Watch

  You may just want to make the Apple Watch text a little bigger.
Maybe you just want the text on Apple Watch to be a little bigger.
Photo: Cult of Mac

If all you want to want is larger text in most applications, you should simply go to the application Settings . Go to section Display and brightness where you will find a setting for Text size . Touch that, and you can adjust the size of the Apple Watch text to make it appear larger (or smaller) on your screen. Any application that supports Dynamic Type will respect this option. Actually, this may be more useful for most people than the Zoom function of Apple Watch.

As you can see, there are some excellent accessibility features in watchOS, as in iOS and Mac. Check them out and see if they find anything useful for you.

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