Apple updates Shortcuts with actions for weather, alarms, and timers

Apple updated its shortcuts to add weather integration, new measurement conversions, and better iCloud sharing. Now you can use the shortcuts "Get Current Weather" and "Get Weather Forecast" to see weather forecasts to add to any custom shortcut.

Also generate alarms, switch alarms and start the timer. Previously, there were a few shortcuts in your app that you could use as a timer (in fact, a countdown timer, like a laundry timer shortcut). But now you can use direct timer to create direct shortcuts. Measuring values ​​such as inches and centimeters can also be measured and converted more conveniently. You can add a & # 39; Recent Import Fetch & # 39; action to the shortcut that quickly imports your most recently imported photos.

Shortcut 2.1 Say "Hey Siri, [insert name] Run Shortcut" to launch shortcuts on HomePod and automatically play media through AirPlay. The shortcut was created by Apple, but the shortcut needs to be updated via the App Store and is not part of the new iOS 12.1 software update.

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