Apple still has a lot to prove with its new subscription services

When I was feeling tenth to expose Jason Momoa and Alfredo Udd, I knew that Apple had lost me when the lights were on in the dark.

I knew drill until they actually appeared: I actually explained the TV show instead of showing in the event [It 'Show Time] . But Momoa said the TV show was about a post-apocalyptic world where everyone became blind.

Closing your eyes and nobody's intention to imagine the future of the world can be seen in almost every Apple announcement It was a useful metaphor for. No new services are available yet, except for Apple News Plus. That's not what Apple does in general. It is famous for shipping immediately after the announcement of a new product or at least within a week.

Why did not you wait for Apple to release more? Or at least show to ? It gave me a strange feeling at the end of the keynote. "Strange"

So I asked an honest question. Why should I hold an event this week before everything is ready? ? There are some ideas.

One is simply to write an exaggeration for the product to be released later this year. But if that's the goal, I still do not know how to judge success. (It is not good to say that I do not release real previews or trailers.) The most important part of the keynote is absolutely

about the games we can expect from Apple Arcade, and the other is the long- Is to provide you with information. But it did not tell us the most important details: pricing. Apple quietly quieted about how expensive Apple TV Plus is. Whether to offer bundle discounts for the six Apple services you can subscribe to later this year was quieter than the topic. And the discount is important. Simply browsing each Apple service for $ 10 / month will potentially reach $ 600 to get the privilege to live in Apple World without the bundle price.

apple still has a lot to prove with its new subscription services

The final reason for the announcement is that to get started with services such as Apple TV Plus and Apple Card, the company needs to start a lot of public marketing and wants to get everything out from scratch. It would be a fact – there was even so much rumored that every TV show was already released as a press release and others were public secrets – but holding events for consumers is not a big reason.

The point is everyone has been talking about how important subscription services are to Apple's business, but I do not care how much money Apple will make. Unless you are a major shareholder, so are you.

Instead, you need to be aware of what products Apple is making and how those products will affect our culture. When judging the impact on these products and their culture, we have to wait until the product is released.

It is not easy to say that you need to wait for a new product. Go back to the original question. Why did Apple host this event this week? Why did you have to pay attention to what you said when the company spoke to you as a consumer?

Apple has a huge impact on technology and culture, and a new story about what Apple is and what it is. Apple is telling us that the product itself really has an impact and we need to pay attention to its impact on the culture.

Yes. Apple now offers subscription services. But all of this is not really important, if you just say, "Apple sells more when it sells."

1553670136 918 apple still has a lot to prove with its new subscription services

Ideally, this event is about privacy, another idea for all subscriptions. Making drug addiction is not easy, but it is important. Is it important to add more digital life to Apple's lockup? I am not so sure. I can not be sure that the above slide actually adds a consistent narrative about the company that wants to be Apple.

Tim Cook said, "At Apple we will always be at the center of everything we do." That philosophy did not seem to apply to the event. itself.

I taught a lot of freshmen while working as a teaching assistant at a university in my past life. Every time a student turns an essay leading to a dictionary definition of a word, I screamed because I knew I was in a slump. It is a classic mark of paper that claims to be deeper and more insightful than it actually is. And it has always led to a lengthy compilation that had to be done with great effort to help students clarify their ideas in order to really speak original words. It's really different from what I said a thousand times before.

Here is one of the first slides to appear in Apple's keynote.

1553670136 477 apple still has a lot to prove with its new subscription services

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