Apple seems to have completely blocked police password cracking tool in iOS 12

Earlier this year, Apple updated iOS to block passcode cracking tools like GrayKey (used by police and government law enforcement). However, the original iOS 11.4.1 patch was not perfect and researchers were still looking for it. Last month Forbes The report notes show that the GrayKey tool is completely blocked, preventing passwords on all devices running the latest software from being broken. 19659002] It's not clear what Apple did to lock down GrayKey.

GrayKey created Wave earlier this year as a tool specifically developed and sold by the police department to break the iPhone password for research. Now, instead of strongly using passwords, GrayKey is limited to "partial extraction" and only provides access to unencrypted metadata such as file size. Forbes does not clarify whether the patch was a recent action from Apple, or whether it appears to have been blocked at least for now, although there have been improved blocks since iOS 12 was released in mid-September. GrayKey

It's not clear what Apple did to lock GrayKey this time. A forensic expert in Forbes speculates that "everything from kernel protection enhancements to hardened installation of configuration profiles" can not be convinced. However, according to police officer Captain John Sherwin of the Rochester Police Department in Minnesota, it is "fairly accurate" to prevent Apple from releasing updated devices from GrayKey.

Apple blocked GrayKey because Grayshift, the company that develops GrayKey, is already looking for a solution that bypasses Apple's password system.

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