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Finally, Apple has fully addressed its part in the misguided practice throughout the industry of using human contractors to listen to conversations between its digital assistant, in this case, Siri, and users. The company formally apologized.

Apple acknowledged its practices and promised to end them in a comprehensive press release, detailing what it was doing, why and how it will improve its digital assistant Siri without this help in the future.

This apology is the result of the company's promise a month before suspending the use of contractors while reviewing the complexities of its process. Now, Apple has promised to stop using contractors altogether in the process it calls & # 39; qualification & # 39 ;, in which these contractors would evaluate the accuracy of the audio transcripts of Siri's conversations.

"As a result of our review, we realize that we have not been fully complying with our high ideals, and that is why we apologize," Apple says in the press release.

Siri improvements through humans will be included

To make amends, Apple has detailed three things to do between now and its next major operating system updates on iOS 13 and macOS Catalina later this year . First, the company "will no longer retain audio recordings of Siri interactions," but will continue to use anonymous computer-generated transcripts to improve service.

Second (and third, really), all iOS and macOS users should choose whether they want to contribute to Siri's improvements by allowing other humans to review anonymous audio samples of their conversations. Those humans will be only Apple employees, not contractors.

Of course, Apple expects it to continue opting for better Siri improvements in the future, knowing now that only Apple employees will use these anonymous audio samples for that reason. . (Not to mention Apple's self-proclaimed servile devotion to user privacy).

However, with its almost unlimited resources, we are confident that Apple can discover how to improve Siri with or without our voices.

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