Apple reportedly buys AI startup with privacy-conscious approach

Apple acquired Silk Labs. Silk Labs is a renowned company focused on developing device-based machine learning software.

According to The Information purchases made earlier this year are naturally suited to Apple's privacy-driven AI approach. Silk Labs, who has not succeeded in a smart home, has developed machine-based machine learning services. This means processing the data without sending it to the cloud. Apple is the preferred method.

Silk Lab itself is an unfamiliar name in technology. The company launched a product called Sense, an intelligent camera and hub for smart home, co-founded by former Mozilla CTO Andreas Gal. The hub is stylish and well designed to connect smart home products such as thermostats, speakers, and cameras.

  Silk Labs' Sensing Hub

Silk Labs has released only one hardware product called Smart Home Hub Sense. It was canceled in June 2016 after funding the Kickstarter.
Credit: Silk Labs

Sense started at Kickstarter in February 2016, but received only about $ 150,000 from 774 supporters. Silk Labs announces that in June of that year it canceled the product (refund to the sponsor) and focused on the development of other companies' AI software.

The company's website (still living at the time of writing) machine vision technology. This includes human detection and face recognition for tasks such as building surveillance, retail analysis and home security. Using edge computing and encryption on your company's site and social media emphasizes service more personal than your competitors.

Apple takes a similar approach in AI development and differentiates itself from competitors like Google, which collects a significant amount of user data and processes it in the cloud. "When analyzing your data, Apple executive Craig Federighi said in 2016:" We keep your personal data on your device under your control. "

The Information The purchase price of Silk Labs would probably be small. The start-up company has only 12 employees and raised $ 4 million in funding. I contacted Apple and will update this story.

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