Apple reportedly bringing Screen Time, Siri Shortcuts, and other iOS features to the Mac

Guilherme Rambo of 9to5Mac is scheduled to release a World Developer's Conference (iOS, macOS and other software updates) to be held in June. . Today, he reported that Apple plans to use MacOS 10.15 to bring the Siri Shortcuts feature (and the shortcut application itself) to the Mac. Shortcuts allow you to create custom Siri voice commands that trigger actions within specific apps. These tasks can be grouped together. Because each shortcut can contain multiple applications, we have quickly made this feature a popular tool for advanced users.

Now Apple will definitely offer the same features as Macs. 9to5Mac only works on so-called "Marzipan" applications where Shortcut is an application ported from iOS to Mac like "Home", "Apple News" and "Voice Memos" The company is planning more (19459008), and this year, developers are expected to be able to import their iPhone and iPad applications to Mac computers. Since many of them will provide support for Siri Shortcuts on iOS, we recommend duplicating this feature on Apple's laptop and desktop computers.

9to5Mac will make its debut in MacOS 10.15 using the iOS function Screen Time, using the device and individual apps every day. You can use screen time to set limits on your app usage. If you exceed the time limit, you'll need to enter your password to continue using the app. The full report contains other useful information, including a redesigned section for Apple ID management. Oh, and the visual effects of iMessage will also come to the Mac. It sounds simple, but it's actually quite complicated from a technical point of view.

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