Apple Pay is coming to New York City’s MTA transit system this summer

It has been almost two years since New York City finally announced that it would upgrade its transit system for contactless payments, but Apple's Tim Cook said it would finally happen. Reporting to the company's second quarter earnings today CEOs will tell investors that Apple Pay will start calling or immediately paying for the MTA transportation system in New York City, which begins early this year, early this year.

But maybe Apple Pay. This is because some fast web search results show that a specific date has already been announced for a contactless payment system in New York that actually has to support another phone-based wallet (competitor Android Pay?) And a contactless payment system. Credit card.

It's called Omni. (Omni spells NY for NY) Begins May 31 – although only on the 45 5 subway line between Staten Island bus and Grand Central-42 Street. Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr has started. The entire system is not expected to be available until 2020, and according to the MTA website, you can not use a pass or discount until then. However, existing swipe-based MetroCards should still work.