Apple now sells five different iPads

Recommending an iPad used to be easier. White or black? How much storage do you want? Those were the days. The tablets were a confusing space and the iPad brought clarity. Now, Apple sells five different iPads with two different connectors and two different Apple pens.

Which means that the clarity looks a little different. Of course, Apple still offers clear documentation to explain each of its changes, such as what Apple Pencil works with which iPad model.

While the move means that every iPad is now compatible with an Apple Pencil of one kind or another, its brand – the new iPad Air and iPad Mini only work with the first generation of Apple Pencil, not the newer version that adheres elegantly next to the tablet. If you have never uploaded the previous model, here's what to expect:

apple now sells five different ipads

Today's announcement of the renewed iPad Mini and iPad Air shows Apple in a rare way, which makes old ideas come back to the forefront instead of kill them with courage. as it did with the headphone jack, the optical drive or the 30-pin iPod connector. It's nice to see that he's willing to update old tablets with some modern hardware features and features, but he highlights how complicated and confusing the business of buying an iPad (and accessories for him) is. This infamous tweet comes to mind:

Meanwhile, consider the iPad Air. The Air was once the most premium model Apple offered, and now its rebirth is positioning itself somewhere in the middle of the package, above the new iPad Mini, but below the iPad Pro. As Dieter postulates then, What does "Air" mean even more? It is no longer the most powerful option, nor does it have the most dazzling design. However, has a headphone jack.

No matter what iPad you are buying, you should know that buying the latest model does not guarantee that you will get all the features you want. Now, there are clear advantages and disadvantages: the high-end iPad Pro uses USB-C and lacks a headphone jack, but the more economical sixth-generation iPad uses the Lightning connector found on all iPhones and has the beloved connector 3.5 mm audio Meanwhile, there is the new iPad mini, which now has a faster processor but less storage than the outgoing iPad mini 4 at the same price of $ 400. If you wish, you can consult a comparison table or, if I dare say, Wait for our reviews of the models we just announced before buying them.

The current line of iPads agrees with Apple's past and future, which is great if you're a super iPad fan. But for everyone else, it can be unnecessarily complicated.

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Image: Apple

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