Apple News hits 90 million readers as rumored subscription service nears

Apple News reached a general audience of 90 million people in three years of launching their app on their iPhone and iPad. The stats begin this morning in the New York Times to learn how it works with the Apple News team. Times also announced that Apple is launching a subscription service inside the app.

There has already been a rumor that Apple is turning the news app into a bigger venture, Times backing it. Apple is planning Netflix to "access dozens of magazines" for a monthly fee like TV shows and movies. Newspapers can also be included in bundles.

Not a big surprise. Apple provided a $ 10 digital subscription service to major magazines such as New Yorker and Time earlier this year. Textures are still up and running, but Apple News has no reach for all iPhones and iPads.

Apple's news subscription service is coming soon. . Bloomberg reported earlier that it will release next year.

Times According to the story, publishers have a lot of feelings about Apple's involvement. It can help you find new readers and subscribers, but in the past it was burning with new prospects like Facebook and technology companies that promised to earn.

In addition to the broad reach of the app, Times is used by Apple when it accepts human curation when other technology companies are moving in different directions. Curators in Apple News In the "Top Articles" page, we identify and select what the former journalists see in order to give them the opportunity to veto the cause of the problem or the article that appears to be inaccurate. In other words, it's not clear that Apple has been immune to misleading scandals that have plagued other services because other articles in the app have been algorithmically selected.

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