Apple may have a less wasteful method of replacing the new MacBook Air’s battery

Apple has developed a way to replace the battery in a new MacBook Air without having to replace the top of the keyboard. MacRumors builds reports in accordance with Apple's Internal Service Guide. It is a bit more environmentally friendly than other modern MacBook environments with a lot of glue inside the frame. If you need to replace an old battery, you must replace it altogether.

Apple now uses the tools Genius employees and authorized service providers need to remove glue from their batteries. After removal, the operator attaches a new battery by adding an adhesive strip. Same Service Guide According to MacRumors technicians can replace the trackpad without having to change the notebook case further. Apple contacted Apple to confirm this report.

Removing the battery from a MacBook or MacBook Pro is very difficult. Apple has to develop a chemical solvent that can dissolve industrial adhesives, so that Apple can bring the entire device together. (Usually it will heat the adhesive to remove the adhesive, but it can be dangerous because it is attached to the battery … dangerous .) Using iFixit's repair kits invalidates Apple's warranty. Previous generations of MacBook Air did not experience this problem because the batteries were attached by screws.

Not only is it easier to repair, but it is also good for the environment. Apple emphasizes that the latest device is 100% recycled aluminum body. Creating the latest MacBook Air with easy-to-swap parts matches an eco-friendly mindset. This is because the total metal sent to the scrapyard is small.

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