Apple MacBook Air (2018) review: the present of computing

This new MacBook Air with retina display is blowing fan. It is a familiar sound. One of the eight apps running on your computer is trying to cool down the processor you are overworking. (In this case, TweetDeck is a rogue.) But it is also a sound that can not be heard on future-oriented computers like iPad, Surface Pro or Pixelbook. Still, with or without a fan, the computer handles everything I do well, and restarting the app resolves the issue.

When you talk about the new $ 1,199 MacBook Air, that fan is a weird place. I have a lot to do with pixel density in new displays, smaller bezels, Touch ID, T2 security chip, larger track pads and smaller designs. I will go into all that. But I want to be baffled by this fan noise. Because the buzz encapsulates the most important thing to know about this MacBook Air.

That is: it is a computer that you can do whatever you want. Perhaps it is beyond its capabilities. Do not say "No" to open 20 tabs and 8 apps to edit your photos. (Sometimes you'll say "uncle" with a fan and a spinning beach ball.) Above all, it's a familiar computer .

  • Good things
    • Retina Display
    • Touch ID
    • Cool new trackpad
    • Nice build quality
  • Bad things

    • The display does not get too bright.
    • Not a huge boost
    • The USB-C environment is still a hassle
    • You can get a more powerful 13-inch MacBook Pro or a smaller 12-inch MacBook.

    apple macbook air 2018 review the present of computing

    When I started testing the new MacBook Air, I spent a lot of time comparing it. At $ 100 more, you get a 13-inch MacBook Pro with a more powerful processor and brighter screen, weighing only 0.27 pounds. You can also choose a 12-inch MacBook with a powerful processor that weighs just 0.72 pounds. I did not get a Touch ID, but the point is that it is not easy to choose between this new Air and an existing MacBook.

    This new Air is slightly larger than a 12-inch MacBook. Is it the same as a 13-inch MacBook Pro (sans touch bar)? After all, if you set the latter next to this new aircraft, you can barely distinguish it.

    My answer is that it is both. But the more truthful answer is that it does not matter. Those who have bought one of these MacBooks have very modern and powerful computers that they already have. In fact, an important point in is the older MacBook Air. There are so many people hanging out because they are so good and trustworthy.

    Comparing the 2018 laptop with the 2015 laptop, there have been no significant updates since 2015, and technology lovers will be ridiculously attacked. Of course The new Air will knock out the old Air on a large number of metrics. But to be precise, people were waiting for Apple to wait too long to release something like this new Air.

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    If you are one of them, there is a lot to catch up. This new MacBook Air essentially takes all the new work Apple has done with the laptop in the past three years and organizes it into a single device. So let's get to where you are.

    First, charge with the port. Say goodbye to MagSafe with eternal power. The new Air has two USB-C ports that are used to connect everything, including power. It is a new standard for almost everything except the iPhone. As a standard, anyone who wants more takes longer to standardize.

    The new charging cable will not pop out when you travel, but it is not the most effective. Welcome to #donglelife instead. You need some adapters to make sure everything that connects to your old laptop works on your new laptop. Fortunately, there is a cool USB-C hub that combines everything in one. So you only need one cable for your desk, monitor, power, USB-A, SD card, and everything else.

    Thankfully I have a headphone jack but no SD card slot. Sorry.

    This is the second screen. You'll love more than any other upgrade on MacBook Air. This is a Retina display. This resolution is 2560 x 1600 pixels. Sharp and beautiful under the polished glass plate with much smaller bezel. This bezel is not as small as it can get on a Windows laptop, but it is a lot better than the previous Air.

    There is a knock on the screen. But it is not as bright as I want. The specification for it is up to 300 knits, but the important thing to know is that you have to increase the brightness often close to 100%. I was not afraid to see this screen in bright room, but it affects battery life.

    Ok, knock twice: it's not a touch screen. Apple's macOS is not designed to work with touch, so it's not there. Today most other computer-form factors support whatever-touch.

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    Third: Keyboard. The main trip is very shallow, can be damaged by dust, and typing is Apple's latest "butterfly" design that can be loud. This third generation version is designed to mitigate the last two problems with the membrane under the key cap. Entering for the first day is a bit strange, but you will get used to it. Some people still do not like it, but I am not one of them. I really like this keyboard even though it is a little brazen.

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    1541503568 612 apple macbook air 2018 review the present of computing

    The fourth is Touch ID and security. You can log in. Now fingerprints alone are accurate and fast. I was able to tap as fast as any key and unlock my computer. It's not as convenient as opening your face to a computer that's compatible with Windows Hello, but it's a short distance away. Best of all, you can get your Touch ID without using a stupid touch bar on your MacBook Pro. Instead, the actual key works as expected.

    Touch ID is powered by Apple's T2 chip and is small enough to keep the entire laptop secure. It protects the fingerprint, encrypts the SSD without burdening the processor, and also turns off the microphone when the laptop is closed. It also randomizes other tasks, such as video encoding and audio processing, to provide a wider sound stage on the speakers. The speaker is loud.

    Fifth: Significant upgrade of trackpad. It's not as big as you can see on a MacBook Pro, but it's bigger now. More importantly, it has a feature called "Force Touch," which means you can click anywhere on the pad to get a satisfactory click. You might think that the trackpad on MacBook Air is not good, but it's even better if you trust me.

    The sixth is the overall build quality. This notebook was much better than the previous MacBook Air. It fits the same size screen on a smaller body, but it is not as thin or light as the thinnest lightweight laptop you can get today. When the first aircraft came out, it surprised everyone. This product is not superior in size or weight.

    Apple is made of 100% recycled aluminum, but it feels like other Apple laptops. In fact, you can reuse your 12-inch MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro design ideas with this air-shaped tapered design.

    1541503568 933 apple macbook air 2018 review the present of computing

    Let's talk about the seventh and final specification. Because the story of the Intel processor is a bit complicated, the story with specs gets a bit more complicated. The new MacBook Air processor is an 8th generation, dual-core Intel Core i5, sounds pretty good. And it's pretty good, but not all Intel processors are made equal.

    What Apple can not easily see on Intel is "Y series" processor. This means that you are using more power chips than you get on a MacBook Pro or many Windows laptops. These details may not be important to the average buyer of the MacBook Air, but for those who want a thin notebook, powerful performance is important. I am one of them and I look down on my nose instinctively in the Y-series.

    The complicated part is that Apple does not just write chips by shrinking them, but customizing them. Therefore, this Y-series chip can be powered up to 7 watts. This is a higher wattage than the same laptop typically does with the same processor. In other words, do not judge this notebook as a processor's label.

    The conclusion is simple: this new MacBook Air is faster than the previous MacBook Air, but it is not the kind of margin. Three years later (by chance if you buy a 2017 model). You can do all the same things you can on the current Air. I've run more than 6 apps at a time, Chrome has more than 12 tabs and everything is okay. I think most people will do with this laptop. The base model, $ 1,199, has 8GB of RAM (enough for most people) and 128GB of storage (if not).

    If you prefer, you can upgrade and do quick video editing or processing. Purchase a MacBook Pro by importing one RAW picture at a time. Because of that kind of thing, this aircraft will fall into chunks and cause its fans. I knew I was more powerful and powerful than a 12-inch MacBook, but the difference is not as big as I expected.

    I do not think this is a problem. – really. Air can do everything I want in everyday workflow. I just want to make it clear that my daily workflow does not go beyond the limits of this processor. I think you are still using MacBook Air.

    Apple does not require 12 hours of web browsing time for battery life. (Of course, if I'm a person I know, I only use my computer when I browse the web in Safari for 12 hours.) I would say I use 7 hours quite aggressively. Includes browsing, email, slack, Twitter, photo editing and sometimes more intense testing. You can get more with some limitations, but one of the limiters will be a screen that is fairly dark. In other words, it is not a battery life champion, but it can almost guarantee that it will last longer than the batteries that are currently out of air.

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    Is that all for $ 1,200? Yes. The performance and quality of this MacBook Air justifies the price. Would you like to find a way for Apple to make a slightly more expensive laptop? My answer is yes. (I know enough that these two ideas are in conflict with one another.) As I said, an existing MacBook will fit better with your needs.

    The real problem here is that you can get an iPad Pro or a Windows Laptop or Chromebook. You can do almost anything with less money. I can do almost anything. However, running MacOS is very important.

    That's an important issue. People who love Mac. We recommend that you have a computer that performs all the computer tasks you want in a way that you are familiar with. Until recently, the most suitable computer for most people was MacBook Air, and Apple took too long to update. So people were waiting. And waiting.

    Waiting is over now. But if you want to hit the lightning twice, this new MacBook Air will be as innovative as the previous MacBook Air. It is essentially a MacBook that finally includes everything that happened with laptops over the last few years. It resembles the rest of the notebook world, but it has not progressed beyond that. Sometimes it means that the fans will stimulate you.

    If you can switch to Windows, you can find something better with less money. For example, Microsoft's Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Pro 6 are really solid. But many people want a cool, modern and reliable Mac . Nothing spectacular. They just deserve what is at the top level.

    And for those who are hanging on that old MacBook Air, this is a good upgrade. Of course I will.

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