Apple joins Google, Facebook, and Twitter in data-sharing project

One year after its official launch, the Data Transfer Project announces new partners and capabilities. Today, Apple announced that it will participate in the project by developing an interoperable system to import and export data from iCloud. Several alternative social networks have participated in this project with Marston to allow the import and export of solid projects and posts that support TeamBurners Lee's contacts import and export.

In an open source project, data transfer projects are often configured with back-end coding so that data export tools such as Google Takeout and Facebook's access information tools are compatible with each other, making it easier to transfer data from one service to another. Has been. Currently, this tool allows you to download data directly to your hard drive, but I hope the project code will be able to port data directly to other services. For example, you can send all of your Facebook photos that do not have intermediate steps and are not likely to leak data to your Google Photos account.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter were all signed last summer, and the GitHub page for that project shows regular updates since then, but it's still ongoing. On the official site, "We are constantly making improvements that can break things, so be careful when you are working and expect some hiccups."

Most of the work so far has been done in the back end, There may be more consumer-related products to release. In a statement, Google urged a new user-facing project to arrive in the next few months. "We have been very excited about the progress of the data transfer project since last year's release and look forward to introducing the first user-oriented functionality in the coming months," said Jessie Chavez, the host of the data transfer project.

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