Apple isn’t selling its own cases for the iPhone XR, and that’s very strange

For the first time in years, the first iPhone to be sold with the company was released to the market without Apple cases. It is strange that there is no such obvious accessory. Apple did not publicly comment on why it did not offer silicon and leather case options for the XR release. The clear example mentioned in some local press releases is no-show. When you enter the Apple Store today, Otterbox and other brands will find some options, but not Apple itself. At least not yet.

The vibrant new color of the iPhone XR is a standard-style case that is difficult to show off when decorating your device. That's why Apple is often opposed to playbooks, which is clearly a factor. But the company knows how to design cases with this in mind and has done so before. And for the ultra-colorful iPhone 5C, Apple introduced a silicone case with a large round hole on the back to finish the phone's finish. It seemed obvious that the effect was the same as subtracting the polkadot shape.

apple isnt selling its own cases for the iphone xr and thats very strange

Apple's M.I.A.

Many case options are available in stores such as Best Buy, Target and Carrier, but it is rare for Apple to relinquish these important accessories. Glass sandwiches Give your cell phone to others. Easy $ 40 or $ 50, and it's close to being able to add additional features for every iPhone out the door. So I was surprised that everyone's Tim Cook would give it up. temporarily.

So what do you blame? Is there an unexpected manufacturing error? Clear examples are not difficult to create. Speck, Tech21, Otterbox, and even Best Buy's Insignia brands are on sale. And it's not like Apple has no experience in silicon / leather. Are you simply waiting and measuring your interest in third-party cases before the company ships on its own? Do you think we will get better in the next few weeks at the latest?

There are obviously many options for iPhone XR buyers on release date, but Apple is usually pretty good. They add a minimal amount of bulk, are perfect, and know exactly what you get.

Not this time.

The Verge spoke to Apple again.

If you're looking for the current case, Speck's $ 40 Presidio Clear should be the right option for displaying the XR colors you choose. Tech21 is available at the same price, and if you are near Best Buy, you can get a clear example of about $ 10. The only discipline that has a definite and clear example is to be able to quickly start slipping and oily feeling quickly. Spigen's $ 13 Ultra Hybrid is an easy choice to pick and choose, making it a perfect choice because you can get a clean back side with a firmly fixed side.

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