Apple is neglecting the MacBook in favor of the iPhone 11 – and that could cost it dearly

You may have noticed that Apple recently launched some new smartphones, including the iPhone 11 Pro, and although the Cupertino company talked about its latest phones, it became increasingly clear that it seems to have no interest in its Mac and MacBooks

I can understand why. Smartphones are still considered to be exciting and modern, and are a reliable way to make people disburse their earned money with so much effort every few years.

However, laptops like the MacBook are considered more like everyday workhorses that are there. do a job, but they are not the status symbols they once were. They have lost their cool. While Apple was once a computer company, it is now essentially a phone manufacturer.

A phone manufacturer who really wants to be a camera manufacturer. Surely the reason Apple stuck three ugly lenses on the iPhone Pro, and spent most of its launch event talking about the photo and video capabilities of its new phones, was because it desperately wants to be Canon or Nikon, not Nokia . I really can't remember Apple talking about phone calls or 5G or anything you would use to make phone calls. Using a phone to call people? Why, that's almost as boring as a laptop!

  iPhone 11 Pro in Midnight Green

Admit it Apple: you just want to make a camera

(Image credit: Apple)

But taking photos ? That's what all the great kids are doing, so let's make a camera that can also make some phone calls.

Then I understand, I do. But, for anyone who still thinks of Apple as a computer company, for anyone who uses MacBooks and Mac, Apple's oversight on that side of things is starting to get frustrated.


So what do I mean? When I say that Apple is neglecting your PC business? After all, Apple recently released new versions of its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops. Surely, does that mean you still have an interest in your laptops?

In fact, I would say that Apple's latest updates from its MacBooks are a clear sign of how disinterested Apple is in its laptops.

After all, there were no great new features, nor any changes in the designs of laptops. Apple even kept the hated Butterfly commutator keyboard, despite widespread reports of keyboard failures. If Apple really cared, it would surely have changed at least the keyboard, instead of touching up the edges.

Instead, the only updates this year's models have are slightly improved specifications, certainly nothing to get excited about.

Imagine If Apple treated the iPhone as it does with its MacBooks, only a slight update of specifications every year, there would be riots in the streets. OK, maybe not. But the lines outside Apple stores in their launch days would certainly be shorter.

  MacBook Pro (13 inches, 2019)

That bloody keyboard remains

(Image credit: Future)

New MacBooks

Now, there have been rumors that a more revolutionary MacBook update Pro will arrive sometime, with indications that a 16-inch MacBook Pro device will launch with a new keyboard (Tim Cook praise).

However, there was not even a hint of that at the last Apple event. But if Apple is planning a major redesign, and has launched the existing 2019 MacBooks as simple devices designed to help people until the new, more exciting MacBook is announced, then this is a risky strategy. [19659002] Not only will it bother anyone who has bought a MacBook 2019, only to discover a few months later that it has been completely replaced, but it has allowed competitors of Apple laptops to catch up and, in some cases, overcome them.

Apple used to be the ideal notebook manufacturer if you want a slim, lightweight and powerful device. However, many Windows PCs now offer premium designs that are equally impressive. Known as "Ultrabooks," these Windows laptops with Intel technology offer amazing designs and performance that, in many cases, expel MacBooks from water. Apple took the eye off the ball, and companies like Asus, Dell and even Microsoft have been interested in taking a step forward.

Not only that, but while Apple stubbornly sticks to the same proven form factor, other laptop manufacturers are testing new and innovative designs. Of course, not all of them are successes (the double screen Asus ZenBook Pro Duo, for example) did not convince us, but at least they are doing something different.

  At least companies like Asus are innovating with laptops [19659026] At least companies like Asus are innovating with laptops </p>
</figcaption><p>  (Image credit: future) </p>
<h2 id= Victim of his own success

In many ways, I think Apple's negligence on MacBooks is because they do what they do so well. It could be said that Apple nailed the design years ago, so even without an important review in the appearance department, MacBooks are still some of the thinnest and best-looking laptops in the world.

The solid build quality (neglecting keyboard problems) also means that MacBooks can last for years without their owners feeling they need updating. Unfortunately, I don't think Apple is so interested in the type of customer that buys one of its devices once every five or six years.

With the iPhone and Apple Watch (and to some extent, the iPad), Apple has convinced many people that they need to buy the latest version every year. It is a money tree that you are willing to continue harvesting, even if it leads to leaving other aspects of your business fallow.

Maybe Apple will launch a new and exciting MacBook. You may find your passion for laptops once again. But, now there are so many alternatives that do such a good job, if not better, that Apple might find that left it too late.

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