Apple is giving users a 10 percent bonus when they add money to their account

Apple is giving users extra money when they transfer money to their Apple ID account, as indicated by MacRumors . Until March 14, users who transfer money from their debit or credit card to their account will get 10% additional credit.

Users can add money to their accounts if they understand the configuration of their phone: you must first enter the settings, then iTunes and App Store. From there, you click on your Apple ID and then on View Apple ID. Finally, on that screen, you can click Add funds to Apple ID, which announces the bonus and shows you what your balance is. Adding $ 10 will give you an extra dollar. Adding $ 100 gives you an additional $ 10, with a limit of $ 200. When you click on one of the options, you will be asked to pay with Touch ID.

apple is giving users a 10 percent bonus when they add money to their account

The function is also available for desktop iTunes users. The users have to go to the account, then see my account. There is a section on that page called Apple ID Account, where you have the option to add funds. By clicking on any of the options, money will automatically be added to your account without confirmation, while on your phone, you have the additional step of pressing Touch ID or entering a password. (In other words, I now have a balance of $ 11. I guess it's time to catch up with True Detective ?)

There's also another problem: you can only do it once, according to the fine . Print. Once you add funds to your account, you can still add money to your account, but the bonus will not apply to subsequent payments.

The bonus is literally free money, and if you've been planning to buy an album or something else in iTunes, it might be worth adding something to your balance before you go shopping.

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