Apple iPhone XR review: better than good enough

The following is a question. How much do you care about the display on your phone? Take some time to really think about it. How much is a complete display worth a dollar?

Apple has the answer and is $ 250.

The price difference between the new iPhone XR, which is the price difference between XR's 6.1 inch "Liquid Retina" LCD screen and the 5.8 inch OLED screen of XS, and Apple's finest iPhone XS. In addition to the display, iPhones XR and XS share the same main camera as the A12 Bionic processor, the same main camera with Smart HDR, the same iOS 12, the same gesture control, and the same wireless charging capability. Supports upcoming dual-SIM.

While the XS has a second telephoto lens, the XR has one rear camera, but of course there is another subtle difference. XR is offered in somewhat larger sizes, while XS is offered in smaller, larger deformations. XR is made of aluminum instead of stainless steel and can be colored in white and black, blue, coral, yellow and red.

The difference is interesting and apart, but the simplest way to actually think about the iPhone XR is to give it the same experience as the iPhone XS for under $ 250. Worse display.


Good Stuff

apple iphone xr review better than good enough

Good Story

  • Interesting Color
  • Competitive price of Apple's latest processors and cameras
  • Great battery life [19659013] Bad Stuff
    • Good but not great
    • Only one option provided
    • Camera sometimes shows strange

look. The display on the iPhone XR is … okay. OK! It has the same resolution and pixel density as OLEDs in new mainstream phones like the iPhone XS, Galaxy S9 and Pixel 3, but at the same 326 pixels as Apple's previous Plus-Plus LCD iPhones. Anyone who comes to this phone from any iPhone will have a very different resolution without saving iPhone X. I think most people will accept it fully.

1540296000 701 apple iphone xr review better than good enough

It does not match the quality of the previous iPhone LCD. The iPhone XR LCD has a slightly distinct effect when moving the phone, as it changes the pink color slightly when viewing the axes vertically, thus quickly dropping the brightness. I immediately noticed the sparkle, but I had to point it out so others could see it. I did not notice it at first, but it is not noticeable. Apple said the XR display should be in terms of performance with the previous iPhone LCD, but alongside the iPhone 8 Plus, off-axis movement is clearly more obvious.

  iPhone XR off-axis display brightness and color shift

Notice that there is a large bezel around the entire display. Like Apple's other X series phones, this notch has a FaceID system and a front-facing camera, and usually takes only a few hours to get the word out. However, bezel … Be careful of the bezel whenever you see the iPhone X or XS near the phone. It is very large and the iPhone XR will seem less expensive than the iPhone XS.

  Central light port of the iPhone XR

To be clear, the bezel has a reason: There is an LCD backlight. . Apple has done a lot of custom engineering to get a high density array of LED backlights into the bezel and has put a display controller underneath the display controller to eliminate the need for an unsightly jaw. Other phone manufacturers could not avoid this. What are the drawbacks? Well, the bezel and the lightning port off-center perpendicular to the floor.

Apple also performed very detailed work to ensure that the rounded corners of the LCD perfectly match the edges of the phone itself. I desperately want to be able to do it in another company. Most other phones with rounded corners do not match the radius, and the Pixel 3 XL has different corner radii at the top and bottom. This is far worse than a thick bezel.

It is somewhat easier to round the corners of OLED panels. Each pixel is its own light source, so you can turn it off individually in the curve to make it smoother. This is not possible with LCD panels. Because there is only one backlight on the entire display, it shines through black pixels along the edges. So Apple poked a small hole in the pixels around the corners of the XR display to mask some of the light coming from aliasing the software's curves.

1540296000 243 apple iphone xr review better than good enough

Pixels around the edge of the iPhone XR display
Photo: Becca Farsace / The Verge

All of these backlight engineering means Apple must remove 3D Touch. The old LCD operated by sensing the backlight pressure of the iPhone. Instead, there is something that Apple calls a haptic touch. It is a wonderful name for "Long Press with Haptic Feedback". Apple's haptic system The haptic system is the best in the industry and its effectiveness is very clear. Especially the lock screen shortcut camera and flashlight. With the 3D touch, you can scroll around the text field by frequently pressing the XS keyboard. It does not work in XR, but it is easy to call the cursor control function by holding down the space bar. 19659029] Haptic Touch does not include all the functions that 3D Touch can do. Safari and Twitter did not preview the link. Apple said it is trying to bring the iPhone OS to more places over time. However, it is slowly progressing to verify that the implementation is correct. 3D Touch is one of the Apple technologies that never gets better beyond the first release. This allows the company to determine whether it is adhering to the technology or moving to an extended Haptic Touch system.

I have always been a fan of how accurate and well-balanced Apple LCDs compare to OLEDs in most Android phones. XR is definitely another Apple LCD. If you come from iPhone 6, 7, or 8, you'll be very familiar. But it is not as good as Apple's OLED. It has no dark black levels or infinite contrast on the iPhone XS, does not support HDR or Dolby Vision video playback, and typically has a border between the bezel and the edge of the display. Dark background. Apple's True Tone color correction is always slightly warmer than my XS even when turned on. And there is a color shift and shimmer off axis.

But again, basically it is good. You really need to pay attention to the display to notice some of these things. Then you will even have to see. iPhone XS, iPhone XS, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8

1540296000 501 apple iphone xr review better than good enough

Another major consideration for XR is size. There is a strange new size iPhone.

XR is between the older iPhone 6 size mobile phone and the larger Plus model. I feel like a good size compromise because I have a big hand, but if I use one of the smaller phones, the XR will definitely feel much bigger. If you are a small phone, basically you'll get last year's iPhone 8 or pay more for the iPhone XS. This is a complaint. Plus phone, you can use the Plus interface features such as side-by-side list view in apps like messages.

XR also comes out as a bunch of colors – all our black review devices look very smooth, but I got the chance to play with all the other colors and they are all very pretty. I like blue and coral the most, and the Product Red model stands out.

The XR has the same redesigned wireless charging coil as the XS. You can charge faster on the same pad than your previous iPhone. It also has IP67 waterproof, which is a bit worse than the IP68 rating of the iPhone XS, but it does not feel annoying at times. There is also Apple's new "wide stereo" speaker system that uses earpiece speakers and bottom speakers as a match pair. It is slightly larger than the iPhone XS Max, but still quite voluminous for mobile phones.

The XR screen has the same improved glass that Apple uses on both sides of the iPhone XS. "But the glass bag is an old blend used on the iPhone X. So … it's a bit durable than the front. You might want the case, but Apple needs to know that there is not yet an incident.

In fact, the entire accessory ecosystem of iPhone X and now XR is as follows: a little thinner I have not had a battery case for X. I've heard that it's related to Apple's antenna performance protection so you can see what's on the XR.It is a little disgrace to the lightning accessories and Apple's error prone lightning- There is no third-party competitor and it is no longer included. XR looks like a logical upgrade from the phone, because there are more iPhone 6S units than people expect.)

XR is so popular that it looks like it

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If you mount the telephoto lens on the back of the XR, the camera is the same as the main camera on the iPhone XS, and the front has a 7 mega With a pixel f / 2.2 self-camera, and a 12 megapixel f / 1.8 camera on the back, all use Apple's new smart HDR system, comparable to Google's HDR + in Pixel 3. Apple uses XR cameras and software Is exactly the same as XS, so there should be no difference in how it works.

This is actually a critical look at these cameras and smart HDR after our third iPhone XS review and Pixel 3 review, and Apple looks very different from Google or Samsung. It is clear that it is showing. Like the XS, iPhone XR photos look amazingly smooth, and the highlighting and shadow details are clearer than the camera you used before. While Apple knows that smart HDR photography is different from traditional high-contrast photography, it is Apple's conscious decision that people will become accustomed to it and ultimately prefer it. And in some cases it is better than Pixel 3.

1540296001 74 apple iphone xr review better than good enough

Pictures taken on the iPhone XS Max
Pictures of Nilay Patel / The Verge

In fact, smart HDRs flatten out the bright areas and lift the shadows to make everything look even. When the light is on, the process can reduce detail and make the picture look artificial. Look at this picture. I took the iPhone XS Max while I was filming the review video. This is taken under the skylight of a bar. However, Smart HDR heard shadows so that we seemed to be in the photo studio. Professional lighting.

1540296001 406 apple iphone xr review better than good enough

1540296001 482 apple iphone xr review better than good enough

1540296001 230 apple iphone xr review better than good enough

Pixel 3 front camera (left), iPhone front camera (right), 100%

Here is a picture taken by Mariya Abdulkaf, the video producer of Bellie. Compared to Pixel 3, the iPhone XR seems to be filled with too many shadows, missing details. (Apple has told us that the upcoming iOS 12.1 update, now a public beta version, will fix the front camera problem, which makes the skin look smoother by choosing a sharper base frame for Smart HDR, but we have not been able to test it yet.)

1540296001 897 apple iphone xr review better than good enough

Smart HDR can suffer from difficult lighting conditions. Shooting a subject on a bright, shaded background tends to cause strange exposures, loss of detail, and a lot of noise. Shooting in low light can sometimes create useful pictures that can be different from what the scene actually looks like.

1540296001 159 apple iphone xr review better than good enough

1540296001 195 apple iphone xr review better than good enough

Pixel 3 (left), iPhone XR (right)

While most people like the above iPhone photos, the iPhone finds Mariya's face, exposes it with the right skin tones, then makes all the highlights flat Brighten all shadows to make the scene look bright. Again, it appears to bring the studio light to the bar and turn on the picture properly.

Pixel 3 on the other hand performs a much better job of capturing odd red light and shadows in the room. If the picture is much darker and definitely worse. Want to be more precise with a better picture or reality? Only you can decide by seeing your heart.

1540296001 386 apple iphone xr review better than good enough

1540296001 120 apple iphone xr review better than good enough

Both pictures are taken at the same spot. Pixel 3 (left, iPhone XR (right).

Since I rarely take a zoom picture, I did not miss the telephoto lens on the iPhone XS, especially because the iPhone XR can take portraits with a single lens, / 1.8 lens and large image sensor preferred XS portraits mode to XS because the XS is much better at low light than the telephoto cameras used for portraits. Quality of XS portraits mode Tends to fall fairly quickly from low light, but XR Is actually quite respectable and the XR takes portraits of a wider angle than the iPhone XS or Pixel 3.

The XR's portrait mode has Apple's good fall blur effect. It looks more like a real bokeh. One of these cameras does not use portrait mode. Any of it is very or very lead

The iPhone XR shares the best video features with XS. 4K60, and stereo audio, recording at 24 or 30 fps captures interframes for greater dynamic range, and iPhone is the best way for you if you want to take a lot of video on your smartphone.

Overall I think most people in the iPhone XR market will be satisfied with its camera – it's an important update from the previous iPhone camera, and like the XS, it looks like the iPhone X is completely bad, but Pixel 3 is still more And the contrast of the photographs is natural and natural. I prefer to look lucky and I have a lot of wide-angle lenses selsi pixels 3 more telephoto lenses XS. We will have to take a picture of Apple's actively flattened take on Instagram and see if others should change their appearance.

1540296002 895 apple iphone xr review better than good enough

The iPhone XR has basically the same performance as the XS. The same benchmark number in some quick tests. There are a few 3GB of RAM rather than 4GB of XS, but this is not a problem because the number of pixels is much smaller. The biggest performance improvement is web rendering time. The A12 is lightning fast in Javascript and faster with the Safari update. Overall, the Apple chip apparently has tons that the A12 Bionic can afford. This phone needs to feel fast for several years.

XR has a larger battery than X and XS, and it has been running for about 13 hours in everyday navigation, email, slack and various apps. (19659059) Battery lasts 13 hours under normal use

XR and XS are LTE. XS supports Gigabit LTE speeds and does not support XR. Gigabit LTE can provide faster network speeds when supported by service providers, but it is generally better for phones with gigabit to maintain connections in areas with weak signals. I'm not ready to test this one-to-one response, but if network performance is not a problem at all, it's worth investing more in XS.

Apple could not test dual SIM support because it was not available yet, but Apple showed XR running on Verizon and AT & T's network.

1540296002 450 apple iphone xr review better than good enough

iPhone XS Max (left), iPhone XR (right)

If one thing about the iPhone XR is obvious, Apple is on its way. I sell tons of these. It's a huge upgrade in the era of Apple phones with the latest models of processors and cameras, updated screens, large screens, and a competitive price of $ 750 for the 64GB model.

When I first heard the iPhone XR, there was a big question about what the XS was missing compared to the XR . . But now that you have used this for a while, it seems like a bad idea. An important question for iPhone buyers is whether XS's high-resolution OLED display is worth $ 250 more than the XR. Otherwise, XR 2018 offers everything you want on your phone.

You can spend $ 50 more on Google Pixel 3 and get a better camera and a smaller display. If you want to make some compromises on camera quality, you can purchase the Samsung Galaxy S9 with a high-quality OLED screen for less than $ 700. And of course, you can upgrade to iPhone XS for $ 250, and you'll get other small improvements in addition to the industry's best display.

I personally pay extra for a better OLED screen. I am very picky about the display, so in my mind. However, most people think that when looking at a picture, they can find a better way to spend $ 250 more than an infinite black level and 60% wider dynamic range. And in that case, iPhone XR is not a simple upgrade.

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