Apple iPad Pro review 2018: the fastest iPad is still an iPad

Apple has launched a new iPad Pro based on a stunning set of statistics that make laptops look like old news. More iPads are sold than any other company's laptop products! The new iPad Pro with 8-core A12X processors is faster than 92% of today's portable PCs. The graphics performance is 1000 times faster than the first generation iPad, and the Xbox One S! It has a USB-C port that can drive a 5K display!

All of this data was used to support an amazing claim about what the iPad really is. Apple CEO Tim Cook says that "all you need is a piece of magic that can be done," all the power can "push what you can do on an iPad or other computer" "He added. The iPad is stronger, more powerful, and brighter than the notebook with Apple's new MacBook Air but the computer is more than just a sale and a processor. Specifications: It is about software. And one thing Apple has not actually changed on the iPad Pro is iPhone OS 12. IPad 12 has all the same features and limitations that iPad users expect. Apple wants to think that iPad Pro is future computing, but if you have already used iOS 12 on iPad Pro, you know exactly how you feel about it.


Verge Score [19659006

  • The convenience of using the USB-C port is improved.
  • Apple Pencil is much more practical.
  • It is very powerful.

Bad Stuff

  • It is not expensive.
  • There is no USB. – C Storage Device
  • No Headphone Jack
  • iPad App Ecosystem Underdeveloped and Functional Limitations
  • iOS Restrictions are Extremely Frustrating

apple ipad pro review 2018 the fastest ipad is still an ipad

Apple has a fully limited 12.9 "iPad Pro with 1TB of storage I gave it to you. , LTE, $ 199 Smart Keyboard Folio (optional) and Apple Pencil $ 129. This is equivalent to $ 2,227 in iPad Pro. Above a standard MacBook Pro configuration. It is impossible to see this powerful and expensive device and do not expect to replace the laptop for everyday tasks.

It's impossible to look at the iPad Pro and not fit the design. It is the first true Apple mobile hardware design for a long time and has deeper connectivity than MacBook Pro and iPhone or previous iPads. Instead of rounded corners and a soft appearance, iPad Pro has both a solid edge and a flat surface with huge asymmetric antenna lines and huge camera bumps on the back. Most people have explained that the space gray reviewing device looked great, but I think it's almost as brutal as the reference design.

Squares on corners and small bezels change the ratio of screen to body in a positive way. The 11-inch models are the same size as the older 10.5-inch models and fit the larger screen, and the 12.9-inch models are not as easy to use than the model that shrinks the body to fit the screen.

Apple says the iPad Pro has "all-edge-to-edge" screen design. To be honest, it does not make any sense to these bezels. But it's a very cool 264ppi LCD screen, and I am a great tech fan of Apple who keeps the corners of the LCD round.

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The new iPad Pro display is almost identical to last year's Pro with Apple's ultra-smooth 120Hz ProMotion variable refresh rate system, True Tone auto color correction and wide color support. This is one of the best mobile displays.

Of course, expanding the display means there is no Home button or TouchID sensor. Instead, the iPad Pro uses the same TrueDepth camera and FaceID system as the iPhone XS with a 7-megapixel camera, an infrared projector, and an IR camera. Big changes now work in any direction, so you can lift and unlock your iPad the way you want.

There is a neat way to handle flexibility. : If you hold the iPad horizontally and cover the camera by hand, be sure to let it know by showing an arrow pointing to the camera on the lock screen. If you have a camera at the bottom, you can see your face on the lock screen so you can see your face. If the keyboard cover is on, you can quickly unlock it with FaceID by double-tapping the space bar. This is very fast and very similar to Windows Hello. When Apple only installs the system on a laptop

you can navigate the iPad Pro using the same gestures as iPhone because there is no Home button. Tap the screen to swipe from sleep to full. You can switch back and forth between apps by swiping a little more to open the appswitcher and swiping the bottom. Because the iPad version of iOS also has a docking station, you can just swipe up a little bit in the app to put the second app on the screen or quickly place it over the work area. .

These new gestures are all intuitive, especially when you're recently using an iPhone, but a lot happens when you swipe. – It definitely took me to figure out how to get the dock. Instead of returning home or opening an app switcher, it appears.

Important camera crashes behind the f / 1.8 lens and a 12 megapixel sensor are called completely new cameras that match Apple's performance. You can mount your old iPad Pro behind a display in a much thinner package. By getting the benefits of Apple's Smart HDR processing, you can see images with more detail in the shadows than before, but the images are not as good as the iPhone XS wide-angle camera.

The iPad is also where you can find smart connectors for your keyboard. Apple's new Smart Keyboard case has the same key and feel as the previous model, but the folding design is all new. On the plus side, it protects both sides now, and it is much simpler and cleaner to look at: Strange hunger disappears and no more origami is needed. But it is less flexible. If you want to open iPad and use it as a tablet, you should turn the keyboard over and feel the key on the back. Surface Pro and Google Pixel Slate provide almost infinite adjustability, while in the open state there are only two angles. Third parties like Logitech will offer more keyboard covers in the future, just like the older iPad Pro.

I gave a new Apple Pencil to Dami Lee, technical reporter for Verge . Also a published cartoonist, she thought the new self-charging system was a bigger development than the lightning-fast jack design of a previous pencil. But she was less impressed by the side double-tap-switch-tool touch controls that she found a bit awkward. "It's not as natural as having a button on the side," she said.

What you can not find anywhere is a headphone jack, which is essentially a question of lack of iPads used in television, and many professional workflows require audio monitoring with low latency. Apple has put AirPod in the reviewer package, so iPad Pro customers do not expect to see how to solve this problem. (This is now $ 2356 for the iPad.)

There are four tweeters and four woofers at each corner. There are five microphones and five microphones, and there is a new USB-C connector in the vicinity. side. Like everything about the new iPad Pro, the USB-C connector is incredibly powerful and very disappointing.

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There is one big exception, but most common things to connect to the USB-C port work well, and many other things work if you have a supporting app. We tried a variety of USB-C hubs, including USB-A, HDMI, card reader, and Ethernet port. Everything worked as intended. The company's Dell USB-C hub was able to connect an external display to the iPad via VGA, but it was a vision of the future.

The external display works the same as the previous Lightning-to-HDMI adapter. By default, apps that simply mirror the iPad Pro but support the extended screen can do other things. Keynote uses an external monitor as a presentation monitor and shows the next slide on iPad. Djay displays the visualizer on the second screen. But do not get too excited about crazy multi-monitor iPad Pro devices, as most apps do nothing except the mirror. All of this is exactly the same as the older iPad Pro, which supports an external display using a Lighting-to-HDMI dongle – the only real change is that the new Pro can support up to 5K displays and run the display simultaneously with other USB Is-C device.

The keyboard worked. USB microphones have appeared in Garageband. You can charge up to 7.5 watts of power by plugging in your phone or Nintendo Switch. Because Apple supports both analog and digital audio output, virtually all USB-C headphones and audio dongles work, which is a significant improvement over the Android ecosystem.

The printer did not do anything. The Native Instruments Maschine mk3 audio controller sat quietly. The Beyerdynamic USB-C microphone only worked when the A-to-C cable was connected to the hub. USB-C is still dirty and strange, but you should try to work and see what works.

But one of the most important categories does not work. iOS does not support external storage. Plugging as many flash drives or hard drives into the USB-C port of your iPad Pro will not change anything. Apple said third parties can write applications that can interact with external storage, but the $ 1,899 tablet will not talk to Flash drives.

One thing iOS can do with external storage is to import photos. If you connect a camera or memory card from the if camera, the iOS 12 will automatically open the Import Camera screen and import your photos into Camera Roll.

That's all. That is the only way iOS 12 can handle external storage. You also need to import it into your system camera roll to make the problem worse. You can not directly import photos into apps like Lightroom CC. Apple should always be in the middle.

I always use Lightroom CC, and I like to manage and edit all my photos on the iPad Pro, especially because editing with Apple Pencil is so fun on this display. However, you do not need to import hundreds of RAW files into your camera roll and iCloud photo account. When you do this, Apple is very proud of Adobe's new Siri Shortcut, importing photos from camera rolls into Lightroom and then automatically deleting them from the Camera Roll.

Lightroom Siri Shortcut is not yet available and can not be tested. However, macroscopic hacking around the limitations of the operating system is not generally included in the bold vision of future computing, and Siri Shortcut is a pure hack around the limitations Apple has imposed on the iPad Pro. 19659044] Oh, but it gets worse. Take a picture from JPG + RAW. The iOS PhotoKit API allows apps to grab one or the other from a camera roll. As a result, JPG was able to import RAW images into Lightroom, leaving my camera roll and iCloud repository cluttered. The Mac does not abstraction of the file system as nonsense, so I gave up and brought everything directly to Lightroom using my Mac.

This small Lightroom vignette is basically the story of iPad Pro. You have to understand the limitations of iOS. So you can use a little hack to end your work, or you can handle it and get back to your real computer from time to time. It's just easy. And in this case, you can also use a physical computer.

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These roadblocks are made much worse on the A12X processor, which is absolutely lightning-fast. There is nothing slow, and it always feels like more headroom to work with. We have an early build of Photoshop for the iPad that will be released next year, and we've done well with files that contain lots of layers. Even though iOS games do not actually provide Xbox One-quality graphics, the game is very smooth. We were able to import a few minutes of 4K footage into Adobe Premiere Rush, edit it, and export it without sweat. However, Premiere Rush is disappointingly limited to the iPad version of the app and can not export footage at 4K because it exports only 1080p.

I would like to use all the features provided by the A12X, but the iPad app ecosystem is full of clipped apps, limited feature sets, and compromises. Yes, the new iPad Pro is benchmarked faster than the MacBook Pro, a daily 2015 driver, but Safari on the iPad is not a desktop-class browser, so desktop websites drive me away with a featureless mobile app. Either way. Microsoft Excel for iPad still does not support macros. You must use a Mac to create an iPad app.

And most provocatively, Apple does not support Google's VP9 video codec, so there's no way to literally watch YouTube on the iPad Pro at 4K. You just can not do it.

I can see various ways to uninstall my laptop and use iPad Pro as my default computer. It is a good idea to use an iPad with a computer with a very pleasant touchscreen. But then again, due to the annoying iPhone OS limitations, I stopped making switches. I do not think I need to spend more time in trapped old ways of thinking or inventing new workflows in Siri Shortcuts and glue. This is a basic task, such as quickly changing the name of a document before attaching a flash drive to import the file or e-mailing it.

I do not think people should adapt to computers. Computers must adapt to people.

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Apple wants two ways with iPad Pro. I like to run iPad notebooks. Although sales volume has declined and performance has been top-of-the-line, iPad is a constant attempt to build computing's future, not a replacement for notebooks.

But eight years later, this double-sided claim no longer holds up. Unlike most other computers, iPad is the product of Apple's only vision. The company designs limits on displays, processors, operating systems and plug-in applications and accessories. And after all this time, it's clear that there are obstacles and frustrations when Apple uses the iPad Pro to use the iPad Pro.

When last year Dieter Bohn reviewed the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, he wrote that iOS 11 "expected to be a much more powerful experience using iPad Pro." Computers, as well as & # 39; iPad ones. & # 39; "Well, we're talking about iPhone OS 12 and the new iPad Pro right now, and we're still doing the iPad stuff.

If you're on the out-of-the-way iPad Pro, maybe you're over $ 2,000. You'll know exactly why you need it, what you're using it for, and if it's worth it, no doubt you'll find it convenient to switch to USB-C, the new Pencil is much better,

But if you're going to spend $ 799 on the cheapest 64GB 11-inch iPad Pro to replace your laptop, you'll have to figure out what you need on your computer There is not one tablet that can compete with the iPad Pro base hardware, and there are many laptops, either. But Apple's approach to iOS has reverted the hardware in a serious and meaningful way, and USB-C makes life on the new iPad Pro a little easier, but it does have the same basic features and limitations as last year's iPad Pro

New iPad Pro Amazing engineering performance – no questions Apple has re-manufactured mobile hardware that is disgraceful to the rest of the industry in terms of performance, battery life and design – yes iPad Pro is the best iPad,

But what do you know, it's still iPad

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