Apple hires key ARM engineer in race to ditch Intel

ARM over the next few years tried to put a custom processor into a Mac and found Apple's best technicians. As Bloomberg discovered, Apple recently hired Mike Filippo, the lead designer of ARM CPU designs, including the Cortex-A76 on Qualcomm's top-notch Snapdragon 855 chip

Bloomberg Can fill Apple's core position. Gerard Williams III (chief architect of the Apple processor) was left behind after leaving the company earlier this year. Apple did not mention hiring or what Filippo would do, but Bloomberg confirmed that he had left. Filippo's LinkedIn account said he has been working on Apple as an "architect" since May. Previously, Intel and AMD played a similar role.

apple hires key arm engineer in race to ditch intel

When the Cortex-A76 was released last year, Filippo told CNET that chip design would "fit well with Apple." Over the years, smartphones and tablet processors have outperformed competitors' chips and designed their own cores instead of licensing them from ARM, which is also true of ARM's latest designs.

ARM and Apple are very competitive. . Apple does not explicitly use ARM processor designs like Qualcomm, but uses ARM's instruction set when designing its own processors. Bringing someone deeply involved in making chip designs based on ARM technology is a natural step in trying to do more with what their chips can do.

Apple's chips are already taking a leading role in smartphones and tablets, and are hoping to put them inside the Mac in the next few years. Apple's laptops and desktops may require a lot of code rewriting. But in recent years, Apple has been able to drive Intel's efforts to drive processor evolution and tighter integration of hardware and software within devices.

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