Apple expands its iPhone recycling program to US Best Buy stores and the Netherlands

Apple has announced that it is expanding its iPhone recycling program to include Best Buy stores in the US. UU And the locations of KPM in the Netherlands, which significantly increases the number of places where customers can return old devices to ensure they are recycled correctly. Previously, the only place to recycle an iPhone was through Apple Stores or Apple's online site.

The company has custom robots called Daisy that disassemble recycled iPhones. Daisy can now disassemble 15 different models of iPhone, of the nine models that could be dismantled in 2018, which can be disassembled at a speed of 200 phones per hour. (That's up to 1.2 million iPhones per robot Daisy per year). So far, Apple says it has received "almost 1 million devices through Apple programs" for recycling, so it could be excessive for now, but I hope the expanded program will provide more phones to recycle.

In addition, Apple announced a new Materials Recovery Laboratory in Austin, Texas, which will work to develop new recycling processes to improve its existing recycling efforts so that Apple can make sure it is making the most of every phone and so little. however, to waste as much as possible.

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