Apple exec dismisses Google CEO’s criticism over turning privacy into a ‘luxury good’

Apple's Software Director Craig Federighi says Apple is not accepting criticism that it is turning privacy into a luxury item, accusing Google CEO Sundar Pichai of indirectly criticizing it It is a content.

An interview with Federighi showed that Fedichighi was the Pichai The op. In ed "Privacy has been a luxury for those who can afford premium products and services." Pichai recently announced that Apple, which advertised the privacy benefits of a $ 999 mobile phone, He did not reveal his name, but he does not misrepresent his company.

Federighi said Apple wants to sell its product to "everybody possible." Apple's product is "not a luxury item," he added. The difference between the two companies' business models: Apple typically sells expensive hardware directly to customers, so there is no need to collect much data. Google provides many free services to users, but primarily monetizes ads that appear primarily on services that are targeted based on user data. Pichai argued that it is important to provide a privacy service that everyone can access.

Federighi said it was "pleased" for other companies to discuss privacy issues, but "it takes more than two months and two months." Press releases can change the business practices of companies that rely on data collection. Federighi did not specifically reveal Google's name, but the company he mentioned is pretty obvious.

In an interview, Federighi has raised two other criticisms that should not save the Chinese user's iCloud data. When we developed an artificial intelligence function like Siri, we found that we decided not to collect lots of user data.

Federighi suggests that storing data in China is not a big risk for Apple. Federighi says there is little need to access the China iCloud server while encrypting data and collecting a small amount of data. No one else is "all data minimization technology". If someone does not get the information, you will not be able to do much with that information.

Federighi chose to build data collection and a powerful new AI feature as a "false trade". Build these features without collecting additional users. Data says "sometimes, extra work". "But it is worth it."

Apple does this in several ways in this report. This includes buying a public photo catalog that can be used to train algorithms as well as analyze publicly available voice data (such as podcasts) instead of using your voice recordings. In the past, Apple has used differentiated privacy technologies to anonymize and learn from user data.

The privacy war between these two companies will not slow down. Because Apple's business model does not include advertising sales, privacy is a key area that makes Apple stand out, which encourages companies to go back to Google.

On the other hand, Google is opposed to massive data collection because of the constant scandals of the cultural bird Facebook. And there is a small change to limit some of those concerns. This month included a new easy-to-read privacy policy for Nest devices, limited ad tracking in Chrome, and incognito mode for more apps.

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