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Apple has released a “tracking prevention policy,” but it may be too late for many Apple users. Despite AI training, consumers are already trusting no technology company after getting approval from all major vendors, and storing user records for their own use, but despite AI training, consumers are in a state of distrust Fell into There won't be a lot of fan charges when it announces and announces a policy that prevents Apple from tracking users on Safari.

Apple's "Tracking Prevention Policy"

Apple can track prevention, countermeasures, etc. in WebKit's tracking efforts and the entire "tracking prevention policy" just released.

“This document describes Web tracking practices that WebKit should consider as a matter of policy. The WebKit team is described in the documentation.

"These practices are harmful to the user because they violate the user's privacy without granting the user the ability to identify, understand, consent or control the user."

Apple agrees to that. You won't find a lot of people who don't, and this tended to be the company's tendency to share Siri users' records with third parties to improve service even before the recent backlash. Built in Mojave

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New policy prevents users from tracking users on other sites. "WebKit will do its best to prevent all secret tracking and tracking across all sites. "(Although this is not a secret) to explain the new policy.

" These The goal is to keep track of all the types and policies listed above.

"If you can't completely block certain tracking technologies without excessive user damage, WebKit will limit your ability to use them."

Apple is as serious as the security vulnerabilities they claim to be dealing with. “If a party wants to bypass the tracking prevention method, we can add additional restrictions without prior notice. Such restrictions can be applied universally, to specific parties involved in the detour or the object classified by the algorithm. "

Too late

The fact that Apple is taking website tracking seriously is surprising but it can appear as a blank word. To communities that are tired of the use and / or theft of information and data.

Going online Every time someone tries to get your information and data, and Apple has admitted that it is already providing the information, it does not seem that a user interested in privacy is celebrating the company's new policy. [19659004] What do you think of Apple's anti-tracking policy, is it too late, please add your comment to the comments section below:

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